Fail-Safe Ways to Save Money this Winter

I don’t know about you, but I always find Winter to be one of the most expensive times of the year. The period between now and New Year always seems to costs me a lot as I start to buy presents for everyone. On top of all that, I find myself going out a lot more for Christmas. There is always something you need to spend on, and this year I have vowed not to let myself become broke by the New Year. Here are the ways I am going to do this.

Give up alcohol

I always seem to drink a little too much around Christmas. And why not, it is a festive time of year after all. This year however, I have decided to restrict my drinking so that I don’t splash all of my cash on this. You can opt for things like beers over spirits as they are usually cheaper. If you hear yourself saying just one more, don’t have that one more. The chances are you probably have already had enough and spent a fortune.

On top of this, if you smoke, you could also think about giving this up for the holiday period. It will be hard, but cigarettes are expensive so think about it at least.

Make your own presents

One of the most expensive parts of Christmas has to be the gift giving. I seem to spend so much on finding the perfect gifts for everyone. This year, however, I am going to give everyone I love a homemade gift. I think this will make it a lot more personal. I also think it will be a lot of fun to get creative. I am thinking about things like photo albums and jewellery. If you have a small budget, you don’t have to rule out things like holidays either. Here’s how you can plan a European getaway on the cheap.

bank-20795_640Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Slash your bills in half

Sadly, an important part of being an adult is being able to pay your bills. In the winter we see our energy bills go up so much what with the cold weather. I don’t know about you, but I love to turn the heating up until I’m roasting. Unfortunately this costs a lot. There are ways to save on your energy bills like making sure you use a draft excluder to keep your heating in and nasty cold breezes out. On top of this, offers ways to help you switch energy providers. In signing up and switching, you could find your bills dramatically reduced.

Get a flask

If you are anything like me, you end up spending a fortune at your local coffee shop. Whilst it doesn’t seem like a lot to spend £3 here and there, it does start to add up. This year I plan on buying myself a cute flask and taking my own home-brewed coffee with me. On top of this, instead of eating out for lunch every day, I want to make an active effort to make my own lunch at home. If you are spending £5 a day on lunch plus and extra £3 on coffee, you’ve already saved £40 a week. You can put that towards your cheap European break!

One thought on “Fail-Safe Ways to Save Money this Winter

  1. Making gifts for people (I usually bake) helps SO much. Also, last year I got a seasonal job at a place I knew I’d get a fantastic employee discount. I made a large gift basket for the family comprised of items from the store and other items I’d made myself– everyone was happy!


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