How I Would Create a Timeless Look at Home

I love focusing on vintage trends when I’m sprucing up my home. I recently gave both my kitchen and living room a vintage-inspired makeover, and I wouldn’t mind doing the same to the rest of the house. The reason that using vintage trends is so appealing to me is that so many of them are timeless. You could use them to decorate your home, and fifty years later they’ll still look fabulous. Of course, not all trends from the past are lucky enough to stay on point forever. Some of them quickly began to look out of date. If you want to give your home a timeless look, here are my best tips for doing so.


Avoid Fads and Trends

It can be so tempting to get caught up in the latest interior design trends. But if you want to follow the crowd, you could be changing your decor every six months to a year. You don’t always have to be on the cutting edge. And if you try to be, your home could end up looking “so last year”. It’s enough to have to worry about that with your clothes, let alone your bedroom. Try to avoid being taken in by the latest fads, which could soon be over. Instead, look to the trends of old, which have managed to stand the test of time.

Draw on History

Taking influence from different periods of history for your interior design is a great idea. I’ve seen so many beautiful features that have inspired me. You might be surprised by what appeals to you, from Greek and Roman architecture to Victorian and Edwardian decor. Of course, you can take these historical ideas and adapt them to a more modern home. For example, you don’t have to decorate your home like a lavish Roman villa. But you could use some elements, such as deeply coloured fabric or copper ornaments.

Be Functional and Minimal

Keeping your decor simple is one of the best ways to create a timeless look. It helps to think about the purpose of each item in the room. Nothing should be there without a reason, even if that reason is just that it compliments the rest of the room. You can find classic, minimal furniture at Multiyork Sofas & Interiors, as well as other similar stores. And remember that minimal doesn’t have to mean boring. Everything can still look sleek and attractive, without there being too much going on at once.

Don’t Go Crazy with Colours

If you want to choose the right colours, stick with classic shades. You might be attracted to a strong pink or orange, but they could quickly look out of date. Try to look at neutral colours, pastels, and dark hues of blue, green and red. These colours will always look attractive, and won’t ever appear too gaudy or out of place. If you think it looks a bit dull, try adding some brighter accent colours.

It’s not easy to get a perfectly timeless look in your home. But you can do it if you know what to avoid and what works.

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