The rise of nerd chic

Whilst traditional images of masculinity and femininity in the past few decades may have led to hyper-idealised forms of beauty with the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie providing the dominant male and female archetypes, recently there has been a shift.

Instead of the tough guy and the glamorous lady, we’re increasingly seeing the nerd becoming a highly-recognised icon in music, movies and especially fashion.

Much of the modern nerd’s success can be seen through the developments of tech companies like Apple and Facebook. These have established nerd icons such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg as highly influential figures who have made huge amounts of money through their brains, not their bodies.

As money is an eternally attractive facet, it follows suit that cool-hunters will seek to capitalise on any motifs that are associated with such individuals. Already we have seen top couture houses such as Saint Laurent embracing grungey themes that aren’t exactly traditional symbols of power or sexuality. And even pop starlet Katy Perry dressed up in her finest nerd outfit for her Last Friday Night video.

It’s always interesting to see where fashion moguls go to get inspiration for their designs. From iconic nerd films such as Napoleon Dynamite, to even gaming blogs, there’s a treasure trove of nerd-related stylings waiting to be embraced. The Euro Palace blog is packed full of fun and nerdy debates over sci-fi films, and even provides a welcoming invitation to play the site’s range of casino games. And appropriately, Euro Palace provides sci-fi slots games featuring arch comic book characters such as Batman in a way that can keep any nerd happy for hours.

Such is the success of the nerd chic aesthetic that it now regularly features in highly influential fashion magazines such as InStyle’s guide to geeky fashion. And the fact that the majority of our city centres are filled with bearded hipsters wearing thick-rimmed glasses is another piece of evidence as to how far-reaching the nerd look has developed.

But like any trend, as soon as nerd chic becomes adapted for big business, then its originators will start to look elsewhere for their fashion fix. With the likes of talent show winners Little Mix dressing as geeks in their latest video Black Magic, and even the hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory bringing nerds into every household, it’s only a matter of time before nerds find a way to express their individuality in new and surprising ways.

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