My Vintage Home: How I Transformed My Living Room Into A Vintage Inspired Space

Is your living room looking a little worn around the edges, is it time to give it a makeover? Yes – then make sure to have a read of my top tips for redesigning your living room.

If you are unsure how you want to redesign your living room, it’s worth considering going down the vintage route. I am a real fan of vintage style, in fact, I just gave my kitchen a vintage vibe, and it looks great.

The living room! It's very cool but also extremely comfortable. Note the flat-screen TV on the left (with 500+ channels and DVD), the wall of vintage movie posters on the right, and the original gorgeous 1936 fireplace. And I'll bet you saw the arc lamp already. :-)

One of the best things about redecorating your living room in a vintage style is that it isn’t hard to do and isn’t too expensive. So, if money or time is tight, transforming your living room into a vintage space is ideal for you.

To help you transform your living room into an amazing vintage inspired space, here are my top design tips:

Choose your color scheme carefully

For a beautiful vintage-style living room, it’s crucial that you choose your color scheme carefully. When it comes to creating a vintage vibe, the best colors to use are neutrals, like cream and beige. Pastel colors, like duck egg blue, candy floss pink, and mint green are all also ideal for using to create a vintage vibe.

Opt for hardwood flooring

When it comes to choosing the type of flooring that you want in your living room, for a truly vintage look, hardwood is a must. There are various types of hardwood flooring on offer, from various colors to different types of wood – the style that you choose is up to you.

My favorite type of hardwood flooring has to be chunky hardwood flooring; there is just something about it that I like. I think it’s the fact that because it is chunky and more natural looking, it just looks more rustic. Whereas, some other styles of hardwood flooring look a lot less authentic, and so don’t work as well.

Invest in antique furniture

While not all of your furniture needs to be antique – that would be too pricey, a few pieces should be authentic. To find antique furniture that works well in your living room, visit some local antique stores and have a browse. If you can’t find the type of thing that you are looking for, it might be a good idea to take your search online.

Just make sure that wherever you get your antique pieces from, that you see them in person before agreeing to buy. Photographs can only show so much, and it’s important that you know what you are investing in before you buy.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

When it comes to creating an amazing vintage inspired living room, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Just because you want to give your living room a vintage vibe, that doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all of your other furniture.

Mixing modern and antique furniture and decor together can be surprisingly successful. As long as you keep the color scheme of the furniture simple, then mixing and matching pieces from different times can work well.

If you want to create a vintage style living room, all you need to do is find inspiration, and follow my useful tips, above.

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