How to Decorate Your Rented Home – Without Getting into Trouble!

One of the worst things about living in rented property is not being able to make it your own. Most tenancy agreements will state that you can’t do any work on the house. This means no painting, no hanging pictures, and no changing fixtures. Some people think this is a good thing, as they don’t want to waste money on decorating a rented property. For others, it drives them mad. If you’re one of the latter then never fear. Here are some ways to decorate your rented home, without getting into trouble!11705613613_f0e475d1bc_z
Picture source: Flickr

Read Your Contract

Before you do anything, make sure you read your contract thoroughly. If there are any clauses which say you can decorate then happy days. You don’t need this guide, just do what you want. However, you’re more likely to find clauses that say you can’t make any changes. This includes painting walls, changing fittings, and so on. Understand the rule before you begin any decorating.

Talk to Your Landlord

If you do want to make some changes but aren’t sure whether they’d be allowed, it’s worth talking to your landlord. Alternatively, speak to the property lettings company that is in charge of your home. They will be able to tell you if there’s any leeway on those decoration clauses. Many will say it’s fine to decorate, as long as you keep it neutral. Some will say that you can’t change a thing. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

3640924252_21e2e7d3ff_zPicture source: Flickr

Decorating Ideas (that won’t get you into trouble)

If you’ve been told you can do what you want then hooray! We’ll let you run off with a paintbrush now, to decorate the whole house. If you’re still not sure or have been told no, then there are some things you can do. Here’s a few decorating ideas that won’t get you into trouble.

  • Wall Stickers – Not allowed to paint? No problem. Invest in some wall stickers instead. This are simply affixed to your wall (without glue) and slide off when you want them to. Your landlord can’t really sniff at that. Plus there’s some beautiful plant and flower style stickers, that really bring nature into the home.
  • Wallpaper Panels – If stickers are too risky, consider wallpaper panels instead. Invest in some plywood panels and wallpaper of your choosing. Simply cover the panels in the wallpaper and dot them around your home. Simple, yet effective.
  • Decorate Your Furniture – There’s nothing stopping you from decorating the furniture. As long as it’s yours! Turn old white drawers into something more colourful. Add wall stickers to the back of bookcases. Upcycle to your heart’s content!
  • Modular Storage – Talking of furniture, this is a great way to change the overall look of a room. Modular storage comes in all shapes and sizes, and can completely transform your home. We’re thinking giant bookcases and shelves, taking over one wall in your house!
  • Finishing Touches – It’s all about the finishing touches when it comes to rented property. Just the smallest of additions can change a room completely. It could be a few cushions in the living room. A statement lampshade in the kitchen. Or perhaps even just a funky set of bedlinen. Whatever you can spice up, just do it!

Make a few changes here and there, and you’ll completely forget that you’re living in a rental property. And you won’t get into trouble with the landlord, either.

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