Trend Alert SUMMER 2015 : DENIM

I don’t remember a season, when denim would be unfashionable, but this summer its the number 1 hottest trend. Pinafore dresses, a-line skirts, flared jeans and overalls, frayed edges, lots of buttons, light wash and new lengths worn with platforms, gladiators, sneakers and suede boots when it gets chilly. The new denims will stay hot during fall too, so it’s a great investment.

16655221413_656c33a461_o 16655222333_1cc5bafa96_o 16655229253_0bffede826_o 16655362823_522e08689b_o 17087693198_c4861c9246_o 17087694678_9fbf36441c_o 17087697798_2287a10152_o 17087932540_c3c9b68a1c_o 17087933970_13677599e8_o 17089250159_7f226ba320_o 17249480796_23ef601ec7_o 17274955381_6d5a4d52bd_o

2 thoughts on “Trend Alert SUMMER 2015 : DENIM

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