The Perfect Bathroom for Her


The bathroom is the perfect retreat for a woman, regardless of the moment in the day. Once she’s in there, it is a general rule not to disturb her. It is the place where women unwind, take a relaxing shower or bath, get pampered, or simply have a moment on their own. If you are a woman, you will know what I am talking about.

Women love spas and intimate places, so why not give your bathroom this feel as well. If you wish to remodel the bathroom, give it a light blue shade, or perhaps a pale turquoise, to make you feel like you’re in a spa. You can also use earthy colours and wooden accents if you like it more traditional. Wood and natural stone are the most appreciated material in bathroom designing. Also, when redesigning, do not forget about the shower area. You do spend a lot of time showering, so do make it a replenishing experience. Make the shower place generous, with a nice bench and some areas for candles. You will love the candles, especially if you pick the ones with your favourite scents. Perhaps you would also appreciate a rainfall shower, for an ultimate water massaging experience that will revive your senses.

All right, let us consider bathtubs since we know just how important an aromatic bubble bath can sometimes be, especially after a hard day or in cold weather. There is a great variety of tubs, which will match all bathroom sizes. You would probably appreciate one with a seat built in, for increased comfort. And what bathtub would be complete without a tub tray? Women love having all types of soaps, bathing creams, sponges, and other accessories to enjoy while bathing. And such a tray will make sure that all of them are in reach, without occupying precious space.

Wish for more comfort? Then consider a towel warmer. A warm towel will make sure you will keep the perfect temperature your skin reached after soaking in the tub. And they are especially useful when the weather outside is rather wicked. Also, the perfect bathroom for women will also have shelves and small cabinets for depositing. Women love to have all sorts of cosmetics that will be hidden well in those areas. Want to know what would be the ultimate luxury for your bathroom? A fireplace will hit that ground. There is nothing more intimate and welcoming than a fireplace, so it is also included in the design of the most sophisticated bathrooms.

Also, windows must be present in a woman’s bathroom. At least one, if not more. Sometimes the most soothing sound is to hear the wind blow the leaves and the birds chirping, maybe even listen to the rain fall. And regarding doors, sliding doors will make every woman enter a romantic and intimate space. So they are a very elegant choice for your bathroom. Every woman can easily take whatever she likes from this advice and create her dream bathroom. If you need help redecorating your bathroom you should call the friendly team from Premier Bathing, they will help you to make the bathroom an enjoyable space, where you can really feel comfortable and relaxed and also add a truly luxurious touch to your bathroom.

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