Thinking Of Getting A Pet? Why You Should Consider A Horse

When most people consider bringing an animal into their lives, they usually think about getting a dog, cat or other domestic pet. If you don’t have your heart set on one of these, I would suggest giving some thought to buying a horse. Of course, owning and caring for a horse is a  big commitment, but it can bring you many, many benefits. Here are some of the reasons why I think you should consider bringing a horse into your life.

  • It doesn’t have to be as big a commitment as you may think

There is no doubt that buying and looking after a horse requires a lot of money, time, and effort. This is often the fact that puts a lot of potential offers off. However, there are such agreements called horse shares where two or more people split the costs of caring for the animal. So if you don’t have time to ride your horse every day, this can be a way of fitting this activity into your schedule.

  • It’s more than owning a pet; it’s a hobby

Owning a horse does not just involve feeding it and stroking its nose every now and again. As a horse owner, you will be taking on a new and exciting hobby. You’ll learn how to ride your horse, groom the animal and generally take care of him or her. This will expand your interest and knowledge of this unique animal and their relationship with humans. And, if you get really invested in this hobby, you may even end up competing at horse riding shows.

  • It keeps you fit

Think about the money you would spend a month on a gym membership or block of exercise classes. Riding a horse is an excellent workout that will probably work out a lot cheaper than that. Additionally, it is a form of exercise that gets you out into the fresh air, which is something we all need to do more of these days.

3552686182_375b49436c_zPhoto from Garry Knight

  • It’s fun

As well as all the riding, there other reasons that make owning a horse fun. You’ll get to buy lots of beautiful equipment for your horse including saddles, horse bits, and bridles. You’ll also have to treat yourself to a few things like riding boots, gloves, and a hat. Additionally, you will meet lots of new people. At your stables, there will be plenty of other horse owners who you might just make long-term friends with.

  • It reduces stress

If you are someone who worries a lot, at work, for example, you might find owning a horse to be therapeutic. Many studies have shown that spending time with animals has a calming effect on us physically and emotionally. Combine this with the fact that by riding your horse you are also reaping the stress-busting benefits of exercise and you will be doing a lot of your well-being.

I hope I have made you at least consider the prospect of becoming a horse owner. With so many obvious benefits of bringing this animal into your life, I’m sure you’ll find them difficult to ignore!

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