How To Bring Nature Into The Home


If you live in a city apartment, it’s easy to feel detached from nature. The concrete jungle rising around you is nothing like a real jungle. It can often feel lifeless and empty. Then, one day, you escape to the countryside and breathe in the stunning fresh, clean air. You admire the greenery that is a stark contrast to the dark grey of home. You smell the freshly cut grass and pollen of flowers. If only you could inject just a little bit of those feelings into your own home. Well, we think you can. Here we’ll show you how to bring some life back to a dull, urban apartment.

Nature wallpaper

If you can’t see real trees and streams from your window, you’ll have to find another way. A simple trick is using nature wallpaper. They use images of forests, trees, lakes and streams to calm your senses. Interior designers say it helps increase the feeling of space and depth in the room. It will also give you a sense of calm and relaxation. Follow the link to see more of these weird and wonderful wallpapers.

Living moss carpet or bath matt

It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but this is a very literal way of bringing nature into the home! A living moss carpet is softer than any luxury carpet and great for the environment. Your feet sink into the soft grass and you’ll instantly feel closer to nature. After all, what’s better than fresh grass under your feet! If you’re not quite ready to re carpet your living room with moss, try a bath matt first. Moss loves the warm, humid environment and it’s a natural way to dry your feet after a shower.

Plants and flowers

Plants are a much more traditional way of adding greenery to your home. Flowers are simple and easy to get hold off. They add colour and a natural scent to your home that you’ll notice immediately. Choose flowers according to their season if you want the best bloomers. Studies have shown that the presence of flowers and greenery can improve the mood of those in the house. You could go one step further and bring a full tree into the home. You’ll be surprised how quickly it fits into the surrounding furniture!

Herb garden in the kitchen

A herb garden will improve your connection to nature and your cooking. What’s not to love? A small pot of herbs is super cheap, so there’s no excuse. Start with a few essentials like parsley, sage, chives, thyme and rosemary. You can soon get a little more adventurous and throw in some more exotic flavours. We think they look great on a kitchen windowsill or on a shelf.

Indoor garden

There’s no reason you can’t have a small garden inside the home. Yes, it might sound unconventional, but who’s to stop you! A small tree and patch of greenery looks fantastic in a modern apartment. The contrast of industrial chic and nature is a classic combination. Try it for yourself.

As you can see, there are lots of options when it comes to bringing nature into the home. Choose your favourite and get closer to the peace and quiet.

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