Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Diet

Clean eating is something you’ve probably heard recently. Clean eating involves eating the healthiest food possible and avoid things like unnecessary fat. Sounds easy enough, but it can be difficult if it’s not something you’re used to. I’ve investigated a little so I can give you some tips on how to clean up your diet.

Eat More Fresh Fruit & Veggies


Fruit and vegetables are so good for you, but I’m sure you already know that. An easy way to start eating clean is to introduce more of the green stuff into your diet. It can be difficult if you’re not much of a fruit and veg lover, but I bet you can find a recipe that will make you love them. Vegetables can make yummy healthy chips that are perfect to snack on. You could even dry your favourite fruit for an on the go snack. Try to add more vegetables to your meal at dinnertime, so you start to get used to increasing your intake. Follow your dinner with a dessert made from tasty fresh fruit and you’re already eating clean! If you find it too much of a challenge to eat more greens, you might want to ask nutritionists about supplements. Supplements can be helpful, but they will never be as good as the real thing.

Choose Fresh Meat

Fresh, lean meat is allowed if you’re eating clean. Fish and chicken are good choices for most clean meals. Try to avoid fatty meats and put down that bacon sandwich! The fresher the meat is, the better quality it will be and the less fat it will have. If you don’t live near a butchers, companies like Donald Russell online butcher that can deliver straight to your door! Many people that eat clean are vegetarian or vegan, but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat meat. Just be sure that when you’re choosing an animal product it doesn’t include anything that shouldn’t be there. It should just be the meat.

Drink Less Alcohol

Too much alcohol isn’t good for anyone. But if you want to eat clean, you should consider reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcohol like red wine in moderate amounts can be good for you, so I’m not telling you to stop drinking. Just opt for the occasional glass rather than half a bottle!

Eat More Nuts And Grains


Nuts and whole grains are an excellent way to get the nutrients your body needs. They are also useful for people that are prone to snacking, though don’t eat too many! You should always go for whole grains and avoid packaged nuts. Start making meals with brown rice or pasta, oats and grains like quinoa, they are much better for you. Don’t forget about seeds either. Try sprinkling a few nuts and seeds on your breakfast for a healthy boost. Nuts can be added to savory meals too to add more texture and flavour.

What do you think? Do you feel like giving clean eating a go? Let me know if you do, I’d love to hear your results!


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