Seasonal Floral Ideas For A Beautiful Home



Summer is arriving quickly and flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. It’s got me thinking about how I can bring flowers into my home for every season. Flowers look wonderful in any room and floral, fresh scents are incredibly uplifting. I’ve recently been thinking about various ways you can use flowers around the home. When I think of each season, a colour comes to mind. Thinking of different tones helps me to think of the type of flowers which would suit each season. I also like to consider how each season makes me feel, I find sometimes the flowers make me feel different emotions when I see them.




Spring is a season all about new life. I love to see flowers popping up in the garden that have been hiding out in winter. It’s lovely to see photos of newborn animals and people getting outdoors.

With this in mind, spring floral arrangements should make you think of youthfulness and remind you that summer is on its way.

Spring makes me think of whites, yellows, pale pinks. However, I’d also mix in some bolder colours such as red. Why red? Tulips are spring flowers that appear beautiful, bright colours such as red and purple.

As for the flowers themselves, in spring I’d choose Easter flowers such as daffodils. Daffodils are yellow colour in and often seen in large amounts of spring. Lighter flowers can balance the bright yellow colour of daffodils. Gypsophila flowers (also known as baby’s breath) are small, usually white flowers from the carnation family. You’ll have seen them before in bouquets and vases. They are perfect for filling spaces around your central arrangement.

Outside the home, as I mentioned, tulips are a flower which you often seen in Spring. The gorgeous colours are perfect for making any garden feel alive after winter.




Summer is of course everyone’s favourite season. It means you can finally get outside and enjoy nature with friends and family. Anytime I think about summer I think of bright colours, good food and better weather!

Summer flowers should embody everything that is exciting about the season. Even if it’s a cold day, you’ll be able to look at these flowers and feel revitalised.

Many of the colours that I think of for spring and summer are the same as those I’ve spotted in fashion trends.

As for spring colours, I would choose anything that has a vivid colour and avoid dark colours. I think that pinks, oranges, reds, yellows, whites and purples are ideal for a summery feel.

To create my perfect summery arrangement, I would choose a mixture of flowers. Gardenias, echinaceas, dahlias and asters all come in such amazing colours! Again, you could use a flower such as gypsophila to fill any gaps in your arrangement.

When I think of summer flowers for the garden, gloriosa daisies come to mind. They have such a bright yellow colour and look as though they are opening up to the sun!




Autumn tends to be cooler, it almost feels like preparation for winter. Even though it starts to get cold, I love the variety of colours in the trees! It’s amazing how it changes the whole landscape around you, bring out wildlife you don’t often see in warmer months.

I think autumn flower arrangements should represent the falling leaves and cooler temperatures.

Colours for this season are often golds, reds, oranges, browns and greens. As soon as I see these colours I  think of autumn and crisp leaves on the ground. I’d choose flowers that represent the colours of autumn rather than autumn flowers themselves.

For an autumn bouquet, I’d have to include branches in my arrangement. Yes, branches! Twigs and branches can be painted gold or silver and look stunning. You can even drape decorative beads over the arrangement if you’re going to use it as a statement piece and talk talking point.




Winter gets me thinking about wrapping up warm, staying in and, of course, the holiday season. If you’re going to decorate for any season, it should be this one! Seen as though you’re likely to spend more time indoors, you may as well bring beautiful fresh flowers into your home.

I think you can go two ways in winter. You can choose an arrangement that represents the holidays or the cold weather. Both can look as striking as one another.

Colourwise, winter makes me think of reds, greens and golds because of the holidays. As well as that, I often think of whites and blues due to the icy weather. Sometimes, snow and ice can look gorgeous together!

Wreaths aren’t exactly floral arrangements in the traditional sense. Saying that, they include flowers, berries and other parts of the plant. The great thing about wreaths is that you can make them yourself with things you find out on walks or around the garden. I would spray branches white or gold for a wonderfully wintery look.

As for winter flowers, I do also like the idea of displaying white flowers to represent ice and snow. I adore white roses, I think it’d be interesting to show white roses mixed with any pale blue flower. If I were feeling the Christmas spirit, I could use white roses. Bouquets of red roses and white lilies look fabulous and make a great Christmas gift. Bright red poinsettias are traditionally seen in winter bouquets. Poinsettia would most look seasonal when mixed with leafy green fernlike plants.

Outdoors in winter it can be difficult to grow anything new. If you’re not green fingered, I’d suggest decorating the outside of your home with wreaths. I’d also recommend using fairy lights in trees or bushes with many branches. Simple lighting can turn your garden into a winter wonderland!

That brings us through all the seasons. I’m getting more and more excited to look for new flower arrangements for my home. Do you have any more ideas for the different seasons? Leave a comment and you may inspire me or someone else!


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