A guide to moving during the summer months


You may think summer is the best time to move out since the weather is pleasant and less unpredictable. And it may be, but there are some aspects you need to consider before making the big step. First of all, you must think about the fact that most people think the same thing as you are. So it may be wise to find a removal company to help you out in a timely manner before they are all booked and busy. A reliable company is Cambridge based H&O Removals if you want to make sure everything is done properly, and your items are transported safely. They have decades of experience, the company being established back in 1928, and tons of satisfied customers over the years.

The following tips will help people stay sane when packing up and moving to a new apartment or home.

  • Plan the moving budget

Assuming that you already booked your removal company, make sure you plan an extra budget as well. Unpredictable things may happen, like an extra transport, needing to postpone the moving, which may cost extra, damaging something or anything else. Also, make sure that when you decide for a removal company, to go through the costs and conditions. And do make the booking as early as possible. It is summer, and summer is the most popular period for moving out.

  • Start getting organized

With at least one month before the actual moving, you need to start putting your things in order. And do start with the small ones. It is time to decide what to take, what to throw and maybe what to donate if the items are all right, but you don’t need them anymore. A crucial aspect is to take proper care of your most important documents, including the documents required for school transfer in case you have children. Don’t toss them at the bottom of a box, because you might need them. And start eating your fresh foods that can’t be packed, as you still have time to finish them.

  • Make an inventory and pack in labeled boxes

Start with one room at a time and go through the entire house. Take a notebook and a pen and start inventorying your belongings. Also, try to put objects in a box as organized as possible, to fit in as many items as you can. When a box is filled, make sure you can close it properly, and then stick the note with the items inside on the outside, preferably on a side. Cover the note with some transparent duct tape, to avoid any water damage. Thus, you will know where to look when you will need a particular item unpacked first.

  • Keep you, and your family, safe from the heat

Moving boxes and working out in the heat, during the moving process, can be overwhelming and dangerous for your organism. So, try to wear light colored clothes, even white. Wear sunscreen on the exposed skin area, because you won’t know how long you will have to stay out until everything is finished. Wear light colored hats, to avoid insolation. And, most important, stay hydrated. Make sure you have enough water at your disposal, to help you get through the day.

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