Review: RMS Beauty Oil

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Spirit Beauty Lounge features this facial oil as a ‘glow-getter’ leaving only a glowy, not greasy sheen. Plus, it is scented with Vanilla! How delicious. I already love RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm in Vanilla so much because the scent stays true but when I heard that the oil is scented like one too, I could not help but get excited. I have been using it for about two months, and really notice the difference in my skin.

Packaged in a minimalist white carton box, you really can tell that it is a RMS Beauty product. All the ingredients and description is listed on the box, the bottle is left clean. The dropper is different with the Kahuna’s dropper, I actually prefer this one more since it gives a more accurate drop. On the box it advises you to use this oil twice everyday 2-4 drops, with morning to follow up with the “Un” Cover-Up (optional).

This RMS Beauty oil is a serious glow-getter. I am surprised that this oil has a heavy texture, very different with facial oils I have used in the past. As soon as the oil applied and massaged onto the skin, it just feels so nice, almost silky. The smell is very interesting not something that I usually come to like, but it grows on me. Yes, definitely vanilla, but since this is a combination of oils you still can smell the ‘oil’ scent. The ingredients are incredible! I am glad that RMS uses rare herbs such as Tamanu oil beneficial as a barrier from environmental stressors and Buriti oil as the highest source of Vitamin A of any oil. Herbal combinations like Sarsaparilla Calendula, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, St. John’s Wort and Horsetail are incorporated to balance the skin as they are adaptonic. The way that it has been formulated sounds a bit similar to Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Oil, but I love RMS one more since it eliminates the essential oils that I suspect I was sensitive to in the Dr. Alkaitis one.

I recommend it for all skin types except dehydrated or very dry skin as I find that this won’t be moisturising enough. On dryer days, I usually top this off with my Vive Sana sunscreen add more moisture to the skin and ‘seal it off’. I have not found a beauty oil that moisturises my skin quite like it, it is deeply penetrating. It sinks in right at the very second despite it having a heavy texture. I also notice that I get less breakouts, and haven’t had whiteheads for awhile.  I trust Rose-Marie in creating products that make you look like you have a healthy glow! Therefore, I am super happy to find out that this one does not only beautify but is also healing. Plus, there is no essential oil added, so sensitive skin type, don’t be afraid to try this out!

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