The Arctic Circle – The Next Big Family Holiday Destination

1111111Image by mrskyce 

At this time of year – where the days are short, grey and chilly – it is natural to fantasise about hot sand, swaying palm trees and glittering blue seas. Many of us, having booked sunny holidays months ago – like squirrels hording nuts for the cold, winter months – at this time of year, start looking forward to the sun-drenched plazas of southern France or the luxury hotels of Spain.

A family holiday is something to be excited about. It is one of those rare times where all the family get to be together. Mums can finally put their feet up and Dads can spend some well-earned unbroken quality time with their children. It is a time to stretch out beside the pool, skin slowly turning olive brown, and the current best-seller lodged firmly in your hands. It is a place where the children can frolic in clear, crystal swimming pools – forging brief but always remembered bonds – and parents can sip a cocktail or two as they watch over them.

But, this being said, isn’t it perhaps time to give the traditional family holiday a bit of a shake-up. Is it perhaps time to set our sights a little bit higher and wider? To treat are children to experiences far removed from the ones that have gone before and expand their view of this great, sprawling world we live in? Is it perhaps time to trade-in our sunhats and swimming trunks for furry earmuffs and padded wool coats? Is it, just maybe, the year to head to the Arctic Circle?

Whilst, in the not so distance past, trips to this icy wonderland would set you back a pretty penny. These days, various companies offer the opportunity for family’s to visit this snowy marvel for as much as a standard affair under the sun. With just a little researching and Googling here and there, families can find company’s such as Transan, which offer all-inclusive trips to the Artic Circle for as little as £699.

These all inclusive packages don’t just cover flights and accommodation but also include expansive artic expeditions which take you and your family through thick forests and up into looming mountains, all beneath the star-studded Arctic sky. Additionally, you will be zooming through this stunning landscape and staking across frozen lakes on snowmobiles and reindeer sleighs. Then, once these electrifying treks and travels are over, you return to snow dusted cabins where delectable and piping hot dinners await you.

You will be given in-depth tutorials regarding every aspect of Artic live and will be provided with thermal suits and boots to ensure your comfort and safety.  You will be escorted by trained-experts, experienced in entertaining both adults and children alike, who will make your various explorations fun, educational and lively.

Just imagine the look of wonder on your children’s faces as they gaze up at the majestic wonder that is the Northern Lights or the gasps of delight as they rush through the crisp, white snow whilst strapped securely to the back of a snowmobile. Or visualise the joy you and your husband will feel walking briskly across the snow, your footprints intertwining with each other, as you make your way towards your toasty log cabin.

It is a world totally unlike our own and one that, when experienced, you will not forget in a hurry. The Northern Lights, alone, is worth the price of admission – being an image that will stay with you longer than any glistening waterpark or bustling café. It is true, that you can witness a fraction of this wonder from the hills of Northumberland, but why settle for the diluted experience. Because no picture, no video and no glimmer from across the globe can match the awe of seeing this artic lightshow fill the night sky above you.

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