Six Myths About DIY That Everyone Thinks Are True

Woman holding paint roller on ladder against half painted wall

Bragging at work or down the pub with mates leads to certain DIY mistruths and half-truths as we all like to portray ourselves as self-sufficient, practical people who can complete professional-standard jobs without employing the help of the professionals.

Here we bust six of the most common DIY myths.

Myth 1: Paint Dries Quicker in Warm Weather

Applying the logic which dictates that clothes dry quicker in warmer weather, many amateur decorators are under the impression that paint will always dry quicker in the summer months. However, increased humidity can in fact mean water-based paints take longer to dry in warm weather than in colder climes.

Myth 2: Cheap Tool = Low Cost Jobs

The mantra ‘a poor workman blames his tools’ has helped cultivate the myth that a DIY whizz worth his salt can complete a wide range of practical jobs using any standard of tools. However, cheap tools can compromise the quality of a job and even prolong the completion of a task. Poor quality tools are more likely to break – meaning the total cost (including the higher quality replacement) is increased. Tool review sites such as Tool Guyd can help you find high quality tools you need.

Myth 3: Safety Equipment is Just for the Construction Site

Safety equipment is not just a ‘box ticking exercise’ to satisfy safety compliance officers – they offer protection for professional and amateur workers alike. Jobs which necessitate use of tools with sharp edges, heavy or fast-moving parts can be potentially dangerous to your person, necessitating protection for head, eyes, fingers and all the important parts of your body. Manchester Safety Services offer construction site standard equipment for use in the home.

Myth 4: You Only Learn from Mistakes

DIY trial and error can be an expensive learning curve with increased costs for raw materials and tools, as well as increased time consumption. Double and triple checking all measurements and working carefully will help prevent mistakes, spillages and careless breakages – saving your time and your money.

Myth 5: All Jobs Can be Completed in a Weekend

There is a tendency to attempt to fit a full DIY job into a weekend when the majority of 9-5 workers have spare time to dedicate to the task at hand. Whilst smaller jobs such as painting a bedroom can be completed within 48 hours, the larger scale jobs may require significantly longer. Large scale jobs such as fitting a new kitchen may require a full week of dedicated work – meaning you’ll have to use some of your holiday allowance or employ a professional to complete the work.

Furthermore, a job completed by DIY professionals on TV within a 30 minute programme is likely to take much longer than 30 minutes. Editing and support from other professionals make it possible for TV DIYers to complete jobs at an unrealistic pace.

Myth 6: You Can Do Everything Yourself

Whilst it is admirable to try and take on all DIY jobs in your home, some things are best left to the experts. Employing external help can protect you from dangerous jobs and save yourself time which can be invested elsewhere.

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