Beautiful and durable flooring for your home


                You have a newly bought residence, or you just want to renovate the one you already live in. Choose to invest your money in high-quality materials. Money well spent on reliable materials, like a good flooring, will help you avoid any unnecessary and supplementary spending on reconditioning.

You can find a large variety of flooring on today’s market, but very few are reliable and long lasting. When deciding to purchase a particular flooring, you need to think about the future. How long will it last before it will look used up and deteriorated?

The majority of the flooring types available today are also rigid and once installed, they will only be removed through destruction. So if you need to have access under the floor, this is the only way you will be able to do it.

But how about if you would find out about a revolutionary system of flooring? The click engineered flooring is based on a very simple, but yet very reliable, installation system. It is perfect for the ones that like to do redecorations or renovations on their own. The flooring is based on a click system, meaning that it can be placed quickly by clicking each board of the floor to another.

The connections created between the boards are completely sealed, not allowing liquids to penetrate between the floor sections and deteriorating the wood. After the floor is set to its position, the click engineered flooring will act as a whole flooring, expanding and contracting as a whole, not leaving gaps in between.

The most surprising part is that the floor can be removed just in the way it was placed in the first time, by clicking the boards off. Not needing glue or nails makes this type of flooring a very flexible one, but very durable and trustworthy at the same time.

Another type of flooring very much appreciated for its look and properties is the lacquered engineered wood flooring. The flooring contains a top layer of lacquer, meant to protect the wood underneath from extended usage. The layer of lacquer is transparent, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and color of natural timber. But due to the properties of the lacquer, liquids spilled on the floor will never reach the layer of wood underneath.

Thus, the floor will not be deteriorated and will have an extended protection. The water or any other type of liquid will just remain on the surface of the floor until you wipe it, without damaging the floor in any way.

The maintenance of the lacquered engineered wood flooring is extremely simple, requiring only a mere wipe with a damp mop or cloth. The layer of lacquer can be also renewed if you consider its properties diminished over time. You only need to sand down the old coat of lacquer and apply a new one. But you will need to do this type of maintenance rather rare, after a couple of years of using the floor.

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