First Birthday Gift Ideas


A baby’s first birthday is obviously a special one. It’s a unique celebration which should be marked with a special gift. As a baby starts to notice more and more, it is appropriate to get a gift which will mark the special occasion and keep the little one’s attention as they become increasingly curious. Also, first birthday gifts can be as much about the mother as they are the child so you have a choice of toys, more sentimental gifts or a combination of the two. shutterstock_118570552

First Edition Book

This is a lovely sentimental present for a one year-old. Choose carefully a book which is relevant to the family. This could be a contemporary children’s novel that you expect will be cherished for years to come or you could hunt out a classic which is a favourite of the mother and could be something they can bond over. Alternatively, The Folio Society produce some beautifully illustrated and covered books of children’s classics such as Wind in the Willow and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Photo Portrait

This is a wonderful present for the whole family to enjoy for years to come. Treat the mother, child and rest of the family to a professional portrait at a photography studio such as Venture. Portrait photos are fantastic things to look back on as a celebration of a special time in your family’s life. Professional photographers are skilled at bringing the personalities out of the individuals in your family which is perfect as the one year-old’s character will just be starting to form at that age.

Infographic Print

These are a great personalised gift to mark this special occasion, provide the parents with a nice print to hang on the wall and give something which they can keep.  Artists like Betsy Benn produced beautiful pieces which show the important information about the family or little person in question.

Fairy Tale Wall Art

This is an especially great gift if the baby is starting to sleep in a newly decorated room which needs things for the bare walls. Again, choose an appropriate fairy tale and purchase a piece of wonderfully rendered art from a site such as etsy.

Scout or Violet

My Pals Scout or Violet are educational interactive toys made by manufacturer Leap Frog. It’s a fun way for little ones to learn all about words, counting and feelings with a brand new friend. The toys will learn the little one’s name as well as their favourite things.

Classic Teddy Bear

If you would rather keep things more traditional, why not look for a classic teddy bear. Almost every child grows up with a special cuddly toy which they can name and usually remains by their side as they enter the toddler phase and beyond.

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