7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home


Whether you are thinking of selling your house in the short term or not considering it any time soon it is worth bearing in mind different ways to maximise the worth of the property. This way you can make the changes when you have the extra money available to do so and you prevent the risk of needing to do lots of work all at once. Here are some of the best options for adding value to your home:


 Work on Any Structural Issues

These could be the most important and potentially most costly alterations you will make to your property. While cosmetic issues may hold more sway to potential buyers you will have to ensure valuers are satisfied with the more fundamental aspects of the structure to achieve the best price.

Create an Extra Bedroom

If you have a box room or a reception room which is not really used for anything in particular – it may be filled with boxes or have a dining table which is never used and can be moved to a different space – consider it transforming it into an extra bedroom. A glance at the number of bedrooms drives a lot of buyers’ decision-making and automatically adds to the sale price of a house.

Neaten Up the Garden/Outside Space

The look of your home from the kerb makes a big difference to the value. Making simple adjustments to your garden such as developing its privacy or even weeding and giving it a general tidy can make all the difference. In the meantime, it may give you a pleasurable place to spend time in the summer months.

Get a Bathroom Makeover

Having a bathroom with a clean hygienic finish gives a good impression of a home when potential buyers and valuers look around. If you are not sure whether you want to sell straight away you will want to install units which will not succumb to the whims of fashion. Ideal Outlet has some great deals on timeless bathroom designs.

Give Your Home the Wow Factor

Installing a great feature or bringing out some of the classic features of the building can give the property added appeal as it will be unique on the market. An attractive fire place, modern kitchen or nicely decked outdoor space can all provide this wow factor and boost the asking price.

Gain Off-Street Parking

Consider re-purposing any outdoor space to provide off-street parking as this can make a big difference in urban locations especially. It is even worth paving over a garden in some cases as an easily maintainable driveway can be preferable to many.

Install Central Heating

This may be another costly refurbishment but also all-important to valuers and buyers alike. Making insulation adjustments will also make a big difference. If your boiler is up to the task, consider underfloor heating to make for an even more attractive prospect.


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