7 Signs That You Need a Holiday


Can you remember the last time you went away? Are you spending more time with your boss than at home with your family? If you’ve answered the first question with a no and the second with a yes, these are already two signs that you need a holiday. We’ve listed some more signs below that are shouting at you to book a holiday!

Mood Swings 

If you are feeling like you are constantly snapping at your other half, or getting angry at others for no reason, it means you need a break! If you are constantly arguing with others, your stress levels are probably too high. You need time to unwind and come down to earth.


No get up and go

The thought of getting up for work or just generally getting up in the morning feels like an upheaval for you. You are no stranger to the snooze button and you find that nothing really excites you about the day ahead. The most exciting thing about your day is the chocolate biscuit with your cup of tea at 11am.

You haven’t read the 50 shades of grey trilogy

You bought the trio of 50 Shades of Grey in 2012 for you next holiday, it’s now 2015 and you still haven’t read them.  You haven’t had time to read because you spend all day and work, and spend the evenings and weekends doing the housework, looking after the kids and grocery shopping.


You’re always tired

You can’t remember the last time you took time for yourself. You’re always tired, sleep feels like a treat to you. Sometimes you even find yourself falling asleep in strange places and have to slap yourself on the face to get back to ‘I’m a business woman or mummy mode’.

You’ve piled on the pounds

Some of us are often motivated to keep a slim figure because we’ve got a goal to work towards – our holiday. Us women hate to be the beach whale so 12 weeks before our holidays we cut out the carbs and try and go the gym three times a week. You’ve not had a holiday in a while so you’ve not concentrated on what you’ve been eating which has made you put on a few pounds.

You get excited about small things

When something out of your daily routine happens that is out of the ordinary, you get really excited, such as if you get a free voucher in your magazine, or Tesco has a buy one get one free offer on your favourite chocolate bars.

At the end of the year, you always have a lot of your holiday allowance left

You get 21 days holiday a year but you’ve not had any reason to use them. At the end of the year, your manager or boss is forcing you to use them and threatening that you will just get wiped out if you don’t use them.

A holiday doesn’t have to be expensive; you can find great deals online and just go away for a long weekend – any kind of break, is still a break. You can book accommodation easily online at the likes of ukbreakaways.com and there are lots of other sites like this.  It doesn’t take long and it will help you relax…about time too!

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