3 Hairstyles Celebrities are Rocking for 2015

It is no secret that celebrity styles are always quite pronounced at the beginning of the year. In particular, some trendy hairstyles have already made a lasting impression on the red carpet. Let’s take a look at the hottest hairdos to be seen in for 2015, tips to try them at home and pics you can take to your local hairdresser.

 Fishtail-Braided Ponytails


This is an interesting take on the more classic ponytail appeal. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez have taken this unique style to the next level with the addition of a “mini pomp” in the front of her hair. As opposed to a normal ponytail, the entire weave very literally runs up to the crest of the head and is kept firmly in place with clear elastic. This variant is perfect for women with long necklines and high cheekbones. It is also ideally suited for warmer environments where longer bangs can prove to be somewhat uncomfortable.

High and Tight for Class


For those with long and straight hair, this striking ponytail variant is an ideal choice. In fact, music and fashion icons such as Katy Perry have been sporting this look at numerous events. One of the aspects which makes this style so attractive is that it can be completed in a very short period of time (unlike other more complicated hairdos). As the hair is swept cleanly away from the face, any woman who wishes to accentuate her natural look will massively benefit from the high ponytail. Also, such an idea is perfect for anyone who desires to draw the attention of onlookers to her wardrobe. Boasting class and understated sophistication, we are likely to see this trending style throughout 2015 and beyond.

 Braided “Updo” with Bangs


One of the most famous women to display this style is the former prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoschenko. While this might not have drawn too much attention from the western press, a comeback is being seen this year with the likes of Taylor Swift taking a shine to this unique look. As opposed to a normal braid, this braid is wrapped along the entire length of her crown; effectively splitting the hair into front and back sections. Healthy frontal and side bangs will help to accentuate the appeal of this choice. For women with lighter hair or highlights, this unforgettable look will definitely turn heads. The addition of soft-hold hairspray along the crown will help to ensure that the braid stays firmly in place.

These are but three of the dozens of trending hairstyles for 2015. For anyone who desires to display a sense of true celebrity appeal off of the runway, such unique ideas are definitely worth trying.

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