I got the duo Shock and Golden Shock to show you, a very classic winning combo! Shock 762 is a bright cherry red shade. It leans slightly warm and has a glossy finish. It might not be one of the most unique shades out there, but it’s a shade that looks good on anyone and a classic. Shock looks perfect with two coats and has a flawless formula. Golden Shock 001 is the topcoat that goes with almost any shade. It has a transparent base and is loaded with golden flecks in variable sizes. It’s very easy in use, and quite foolproof.

My favourite way to use this duo is having the base colour on all nails with the topcoat on just one nail for a festive yet elegant touch. A must-try is using the topcoat over a darker base, something like Dior Smoky 990 for a more dramatic effect!

dior-diorific-golden-shock dior-diorific-shock dior-diorific-shock-nails dior-golden-shock-le-vernis