Creating Functional And Stylish Living Spaces


Have you ever wanted to make your living space as stylish as anything that can be found in a lifestyle magazine? While style is one big factor that comes with designing your space, it’s important that you don’t sacrifice comfort and functionality to do it. The good news is, you don’t have to be an interior decorator to achieve a beautiful living space that’s also functional! Here are some tips.

Consider your surroundings

If you’re living in an area surrounded by beautiful scenery, incorporate that on how you design your living space. Add big windows so that you can maximize the beautiful view in your area. You can even incorporate your patio for an “outdoor living room” feel. However, according to Elle Décor, one of the top trends in 2014 when it comes to design is the end of the distinction between “outdoor” and “indoor” living rooms. Making a space that capitalizes on your surroundings is all that matters.

Think of how you want your living area to function

If you’re living in a relatively small space, most of the time, your living area is also your work area so make the room both functional and stylish by adding storage spaces to avoid clutter. It will also help you maximize the space you’re given without the design. Also, if you’re living space is a bit small, it’s important to choose only one accent color. Clashing colors in a small room often comes off as tacky, and it hurts the eyes. Choosing one accent color makes the room more elegant despite its size.

If you’re a social butterfly and you aim to entertain guests in your living room, make it spacious and comfortable enough for gatherings. Add some stuff that will make your guests feel at home, be it a fireplace or even a bar (if you have enough space for it). A glass divider will also open up your space, giving it more depth and will go a long way to making your space look less cramped.

Use your wall space

Another way to make use of your living room’s functionality is by using the wall space. Shelves don’t have to be messy and disorganized. A well-placed shelf does not only go a long way in maximizing your storage space, but you could also incorporate it your design by adding books and other interesting things you might own. Best case scenario, you’ll have a conversation starter when entertaining guests in your living room.

Buy the right furniture

Make sure every piece of furniture complements everything else. The colors should match, the designs should match. Even if you have a small space, matching colors will give your room an air of elegance that can be compared with some of the most expensive villas or hotel rooms. Make sure your living room set matches the room it’s placed in. Everything is about balance, and with the right balance, any living space can be transformed into a work of art.

And remember to keep in mind that you do not have to spend a lot of money to achieve a stylish living space. You just have to know what to look for, and more importantly, you have to trust your instincts.


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