5 Of The Best Winter Boots


This winter season, you’ll need a strong pair of boots to keep you warm and ready for any snow storm or temperature drop. While winter boots are usually large and dark, there are a number of seasonal shoes that are fashionable and reliable for all types of conditions that the season might bring. Here are five of the best winter boots that are perfect for the holiday season:

Lugz Shifter 6″ Fur Boot

Winter boots don’t necessarily mean holiday accessories. You can stay festive by looking tough on these shifter boots from Lugz. The shoe includes a fur lining that can help you stay warm and comfortable as you do your Christmas shopping for that holiday feast. These fur boots are also ideal for those who are on the go and you can continue wearing these shoes even after the snow season is over. It can easily shift from one season to another, that’s why it’s called the “Shifter”!

Hi-Tec Thomas Boot 200

Add a splash of color to your winter wear! These boots are made with a textile outer covering that comes in a number of colors inspired by Himalayan fabric. The outer textile is covered with hydrophobic technology making it resistant to water and snow. Inside, there is a 200gm Thinsulate insulation that keeps your feet happy and warm. There’s also a micro-fleece lining that keeps moisture out. The outsole is durable and tested to withstand high abrasion. This boot will keep you warm and protected all winter long!

Bearpaw Knit Tall 14″ Boot

If you want a strong mix of cutting-edge fashion, craftsmanship, and quality, then this awesome knit boot is what you’re looking for. You can opt to wear the knit boots tall or fold it down for a fun look that can shift whenever you want it. The insides are lined with genuine sheepskin to wick away moisture for added comfort. The upper knit provides a warm snug fit and the rounded toe makes sure that you’re protected from the snow.

Lamo Fringe Wrap Boots

Leather suede is an amazing material that can give you an elegant look to complete your winter wear. The fringe wrap boots include tassels and fringes made from genuine leather suede. The lining is made from sheepskin and the outsole is made from durable rubber product. The fringe detail wraps around the boot, giving you a fashionable statement for the winter.

Bearpaw Demi 5″ Boot

Look Demi-licious with this fun pink camo print that’s sure to make you stand out this season. If pink is not your thing, you can always choose from the variety of colors and designs from Bearpaw’s 5-inch boot lineup. There are darker colors such as gray and black, while the tan is sure to be a hit for this season. The outer coating is made from cow suede. The foot is rested upon nicely in the sheepskin footbed and the short nature of the boot makes it easy to put on and pull off!

Too busy to head out shopping during the Christmas rush? No need to worry because there are a number of outlets that allow you to order shoes online. You can even find better deals on the Internet and have them delivered straight to you. Remember to keep your winter boots handy for the cold season!


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