Achieving the Best Couples Photography this Christmas


Christmas is not just a time for kids. Getting wrapped up and visiting a Christmas market or outdoor ice rink make for great romantic dates. It is also a beautiful time of the year to snap some wonderful couples’ photographs. The Christmas lights and decorations, snowy scenes and happy festivities provide the perfect situation for photos you will treasure for years to come. Here are some tips on how to get the best Christmas couples photography.

Be Embarrassing

Matching Christmas jumpers with cheesy snowman motifs or glowing reindeer noses are the perfect costume for garishly stylish festive pic. Unsurprisingly, there are some fine patterns to choose from over at

Be Arty

At the other end of the couples Christmas photography spectrum is the possibility to get arty and abstract with you pictures. An easy way to do this is to focus on a Christmassy object (a pine cone or a wrapped present perhaps) as if that is the subject of the picture and have you as a couple situated elsewhere in the background perhaps out of focus.


Be Natural

Some of the classiest Christmas photography incorporates elements of nature. There are the obvious objects such as mistletoe, holly and the tree, but it is also nice to take a trip to a parklands to include the vibrant colours of the winter leaves. Wrap up in your favourite winter clothes and try to get some Christmassy greens and reds in your get-ups.

Be Inspired

You don’t have to try too hard to be original with your photo compositions. Websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr will have an almost limitless source of inspirational pictures for you to get ideas from.


Go to Town

Like the parklands, your local town centre can provide a wonderful backdrop for some Christmas pictures. A giant Christmas tree or decorations over the street give the perfect opportunities to get a festive pose.

Light Up the Moment

An increasingly popular photograph involves the subject wrapped in some Christmas lights showing you to be entwined in the season. If Christmas lights aren’t your thing, perhaps you could light some Christmas candles – the more the better – and sit amongst them. Be careful though, those Christmas jumpers can be extremely flammable!

Get the Bump/Baby Involved

If you are looking forward to a new addition to the family in the New Year or have recently got a bundle of joy, why not celebrate this with a special photo shoot? Studios have specialist photographers (such as Venture maternity photography) who will be able to bring out your personalities and perhaps but a Christmas twist on the pictures.

Get the Pets Involved

Don’t leave out your furry friends this Christmas. A Santa hat on your dog or a kitten amongst a pile of presents can add an extra cute element to your pictures.

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