The Ultimate Dress Guide For The Holiday Season


The holiday season is a busy one, with so many parties to attend, relatives to visit, and dates to look forward to. This means there are plenty of opportunities to dress up! However, your demanding schedule may leave you with little time to prepare for each party, which could be a big problem if you’re in a hurry. Deciding on what to wear can take time, so it becomes a toss-up between arriving extremely late or looking frumpy.

To help you along, we’ve put together different festive looks as well as style tips that you can use for the holiday season.

Top three combos

Three basic ensembles can work for most holiday parties: a cocktail dress, a long skirt-fitted top combo, and a slacks-and-top pair. A cocktail dress in red, black, gold, silver, or jewel tones will make you look stunning in any party, especially if it has glitzy details or a metallic finish. You can choose to dress it up with accessories or keep it simple with only a dress watch. A little black dress can serve for most occasions, because you can easily alter the entire look with just a few accessories.

You can also go for a floor-length skirt coupled with a tank top and worn with ballet flats. Alternatively, you can use a pair of tailored black slacks or dress pants and match it with a close-fitting top, preferably one with festive details such as sequins or ruffles.

Glam it up with accessories

Everyone’s dressed up during a holiday party, so to really stand out, you can glam things up with accessories and costume jewelry. However, don’t try to pile everything up on your person, as too much can be too tacky. Follow these stylish combinations instead:

  • Top or dress with deep neckline – a mini bag on a long chain and a wide statement necklace will give you that smooth, Bond Girl look
  • Pullover sweater and cardigan – go all-out vintage with an antique brooch, a vintage clutch, and small rhinestone earrings make you look dainty and sweet
  • Open-backed dress with your hair up – a simple satin clutch, a wrist cuff, and statement chandelier earrings exude a tough but feminine appeal
  • Modest neckline with your hair down – a sequined clutch, a simple necklace and a statement cocktail ring give off that girl-next-door look with attitude

Keep it fun with stockings

Wearing dresses, especially corset dresses in winter can be torture because of the cold. An option is to wear leggings, tights, or stockings underneath the dress. For that festive feel, go for tights in colorful patterns and quirky colors. Be adventurous and try on black lace nylons, burnished gold hose, rhinestone-embellished hose, and of course, classic black fishnet stockings to go with your corset dress.

Bundle up with a jacket

A well-made, tailored jacket is something that you can wear over any outfit, something that can also keep you warm as you go party hopping throughout the holidays. The best examples of classic jackets for holiday wear include long velvet coats, faux fur capes, and black waist-length jackets.

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