Give Your Bathroom a Weekend Facelift

Contemporary bathroom with yellow bathtub

The bathroom is often the last room in the home to be given a makeover and the DIY treatment due to its important role in daily life and the difficulty of replacing piping and functional furnishings. This can sometimes lead to the bathroom’s appearance ruining the atmosphere and aesthetic of a home. However, there are a number of hacks allowing you to gift your bathroom a comprehensive facelift over the weekend without having to turn the water off for more than an hour.

Add Natural Light

If the flickering blue light above your bathroom mirror washes out your features and makes you feel like an extra from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, it may be time to add natural light. Whilst increasing the size of the windows may be an impossible task for a weekend, Natural Light Tubular develops specially-designed skylights and bulbs which recreate the effects of natural light within the home. The addition of faux-natural light can have significant emotional and physiological benefits.

Modernise your Taps

Installing new taps is a surprisingly quick and simple job which does not require any plumbing skills. Tap fittings within the majority of modern bathrooms have been standardised to make the replacement process very straightforward. Shiny chrome taps from interior specialists, John Louis Bathrooms, can instantly add a clean modern appearance. Furthermore, new taps can also help to improve the water pressure of the sink due to unused, unblocked aerators.

Just make sure you turn the water off during the short job!

Deep Clean Tiles

Over time, floor and wall tiles can accumulate significant amounts of grime. Sometimes, this gradual accumulation can be hard to spot with the naked eye but a deep clean can really bring out the original shine and gleam of the bathroom. Cleanipedia is the useful tool detailing the different cleansing methods which can effectively be applied to different bathroom surfaces and materials. The site includes many unusual tips and hacks, so you may be able to use items already in your cupboards to add a little sparkle to the bathroom.

Get Organised

Bathrooms full of clutter, loose hairbrushes and bobby pins can be incredibly unwelcoming. Implement a couple of organisational hacks to help clear clutter, save space and really open up the bathroom. These sticky magnetic strips from Maplin can be applied to a wall and all your small metallic items such as tweezers can be attached – helping ensure you never lose these within the clutter of the bathroom. A magazine rack also makes a useful storage option for larger devices such as hair straighteners which may be taking up space in the bathroom.

Implement a Consistent Colour Scheme

If your ‘aqua’ theme has been slightly diluted over the years as family members bring back decorative soaps from holiday and the towels lose their aquatic colour after repeated washes – it could be the perfect time to implement a new and consistent colour scheme. Creating a colour scheme throughout all décor and flourishes can make a bathroom appear neater, more uniformed and more welcoming. Dulux offers a colour match service so if you find a colour of towel you appreciate, you may be able to find the perfect accompanying paint colour for a feature wall. 

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