Get In Shape For 2015: 5 Workout Tips You Can Try At Home


Come every 1st of January, everyone has a list of their New Year’s resolutions. Most of the time, getting fit is on No.1. However, working out at the gym can be expensive and time consuming. The time spent traveling to the gym can be used efficiently for other endeavors. Another option available is to work out at home. You need not travel far to get to the gym and you can do your Yoga poses within the comforts of your home. Here are some tips to get in shape this 2015 without shelling big bucks at the gym:

Create your own music playlist

Some people are motivated by music when they work out. Choose the tunes that work well with your workout. If your workout is Yoga or Pilates, choose low key and soothing music to accompany your workout session. If you are engaging in some cardio or high impact workout, choose pop tunes that would make you want to dance to the beat. Choose music tunes that are your favorites so you can look forward to your workout session just thinking of the music you’ll be listening to. You can also stream music playlists from the Internet created especially for exercise and workout sessions.

Memorize your favorite workout

Sometimes, your day has not gone very well and you just want to de-stress and workout for a bit. Have some favorite workout sessions memorized which will not require you to give it too much thought. Your muscle memory will remember it if it’s your favorite workout sequence. For yoga, try memorizing the Ashtanga yoga sequence as it is one of the easiest to learn. There are short workout sequences that can be memorized easily. These workout sessions last for just 7 minutes or 15 minutes and contain a combination of high-intensity exercises and low intensity exercises for a complete body workout.

Download a workout app

Working out can be difficult if you are always travelling or you have very limited free time. One way to ensure that you have some workout sessions squeezed in to your busy schedule is to have some workout sequences available on your smartphone or tablet. Download a workout app by your favorite trainer or access a workout website. It will contain basic workout sequences, workout music, and some workout advice. Some workout apps also contain recipes for healthy meals and other healthy lifestyle advice.

Avoid distractions

One downside of working out at home is unwanted distraction such as a crying baby, a ringing phone, or someone knocking at your doorstep. Of course, you don’t want to open your door while wearing your sport bra. One way to avoid these distractions is to schedule your workout. Hire a babysitter to check with your baby while you are working out. If you are working out inside your bedroom, lock the doors turn on the music to drown out any noise from outside. Switch off your phone or have it on silent mode while you are working out.


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