Combatting January Blues


Oh January, how much we hate you.  The dark nights, cold weather, low bank balances and tight waistbands.  No wonder so many of us get the January blues.  The shorter days and less sunlight than we commonly have in January can have a significant impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing. To stop yourself from feeling down in the dumps, follow this guide which suggests things you can do that will combat the January blues.


Add bright colours to your home
Fill your home with bright colours to cheer up your home. Why not give your home a new look and paint your walls with warm, vibrant colours. Hang colourful artwork, add bright pillows and get some bright coloured flowers sent to your door from, not only will it bright up your home; it will also make you feel great when it gets delivered to your house ( it will feel like a small treat to yourself). A few little touches can really help you cope with the winter blues.


Get back to the gym
All the Christmas treats finally catch up with you when you get into January and you notice how much weight you have put on as you get back into your usual routine. Get back to the gym and if you haven’t signed up for one yet, join!  Trips to the gym will keep you busy (so you don’t sit at home feeling sorry for yourself), make you feel fitter and healthier, and increase your energy levels.

Try something new
In January many people feel stuck in a rut, but what’s the point sitting there feeling sorry for yourself? Do something about it. To boost your mood why not try something new, it doesn’t necessary have to be anything expensive or too complicated. Why not join a night class and try and learn a new language or set yourself some other kind of project.

Set a goal
Setting yourself a goal is a great way to get your spirits up. It could be anything you want it to be. It will make you feel inspired and pumped up to try and achieve something you really want to do. Buy a calendar with fun, cheery photos inside.  Write down mini goals with particular deadlines and give yourself a date for your overall biggest goal, it will keep you motivated and inspired during the winter months.


Another reason we can feel so down in the dumps in January is because we aren’t spending as much time with our friends or going out very much due to lack of funds . We are spending more time in front of the TV, getting fatter it seems.  Organise girly nights in with your friends, join a club or become a volunteer and your local charity organisation. Make sure you are in other peoples company frequently as you can get tired of hearing yourself moaning after a while…

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