Review: Dahlia Divin Givenchy for women

givenchy-dahlia-divin givenchy-dahlia-divin-2

Glamorous! I like the original Dahlia Noir (although I’m not crazy about it), but this is a million times better! The two have almost nothing in common, and Dahlia Divin feels a lot more like an entirely new fragrance, rather than a continuation of an existing perfume line. It offers an entirely new palette of accords; it’s beautiful, sparkling and really elegant – I approached it with a cautious mind, thinking it’d be just another flanker, but it really blew me away!

This beautiful chypre floral is very different from the usual mainstream jasmine-based scents. The jasmine here is very delicate, soft and creamy, with a slightly balsamic, oriental feel to it. It’s not heady and overwhelming, so it’s worth giving this fragrance a shot even if you don’t normally enjoy jasmine in perfumes. Accompanying jasmine is the well-balanced duo of plum and patchouli, which rings somewhat familiar of that in Givenchy’s Very Irresistible L’Intense.

Dahlia Divin however is a much gentler, more subtle fragrance – the patchouli here isn’t sharp, but quite tame; full of sweet, earthy warmth. The plum is rich, juicy and delicious, and smells incredibly realistic. It really brightens up the overall composition, giving it a lovely, youthful vibe.

This fragrance is worlds apart from the original Dahlia Noir, which was a very powdery, rose-based fragrance with a spicy pink pepper note. Dahlia Divin is elegant, unusual, glamorous, and completely not what I expected (in a good way!) This will be lovely for anyone who enjoys scents such as Chanel Allure, or L’Instant de Guerlain. I am really pleased with this perfume!


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