5 Tips for Redecorating Your Bedroom


Our bedrooms are the rooms we spend the most time in throughout our lifetimes and as such are the most important to get right. Nobody wants to wake up in a room that is drab, boring or that doesn’t match one’s personality, and indeed our bedrooms should be places that we want to jump up into instead of being so terrible that all we want to do is bury our heads in the covers! If you think your room is in need of a redesign, here are five helpful tips to help you on your way to bedroom bliss!

 Wall Quilts

Whilst many might go for the traditional wallpaper or paint route to changing the look of their bedroom, for those on a tight budget this simply might not be an option. A cheaper- and somewhat ‘cooler’- way to spruce up your room is to get hold of a lovely graphic quilt or cover, hanging it on an area of your wall that is in dire need of de-blanking!

 Get New Bedding

One of the imperatives for many that want to redecorate their bedrooms is the need for new bedding. An old, spring-laden mattress is okay, but will likely become annoying as the back pains and sleepless nights take their toll. After you’ve got your new bed or mattress, be aware however; anyone who has ever lived in a student area will know the pox that is old mattresses cluttering the streets, and it’s best to take advantage of recycling services if you want to upgrade your bedding.

 Poster Power

We’re not talking about the kind of posters you’d get as a teenager, but posters in general; art prints, landscapes, photography etc; are wonderful for bedrooms being done-up on any budget. Sites such as AllPosters have thousands of images up for grabs, plus a surprisingly cheap framing service. Alternatively, get frames from charity and second-hand stores for that shabby chiq look.

 Smart Storage

The bane of any nice bedroom is clutter. Clothes laid over chairs and bed frames, papers piling up on surfaces; clutter really makes a room look ten times worse than it otherwise would do. The answer is of course having a good, intelligent amount of storage- boxes, cupboards etc should all be present and utilised throughout!

 Be Yourself

A bedroom is the one room in a home- especially if you’re not the only person living there- that can be used to express your own personality. Do others think that piece of art is awful or that that old rug is looking tired? Who cares! Your bedroom is yours to craft and enjoy!


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One thought on “5 Tips for Redecorating Your Bedroom

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