Review: Fan di Fendi Leather Essence for women


Fan di Fendi Leather Essence is a Heavy Oriental floral with a smoky and sweet resinous character and warm, animalic undertones. Though this Fan di Fendi flanker features leather in its name, it would be a bit of a mistake to classify it as a leather perfume. Leather does feature prominently, but it is so well-blended with elemi resin that the effect is more cathedral and spiced musk than leather handbag and high heels. And, while those seeking a straightforward leather may be disappointed, oriental lovers will rejoice: Fan di Fendi Leather Essence is an incredibly beautiful one.

Silage is strange with this one – the scent will not precede you, but the cloud filling your immediate personal space is thick and intense in the first few hours. You may not offend your neighbors, but you will certainly overwhelm yourself if a light hand is not used.

I’d classify FdFLE as a heavy hitter with moderate spread. The scent continues to project with intensity for several hours, and the deepening of the smoke and powder effect actually seems to make it more powerful at the 4 hour mark than it is at first spray. This is high quality juice.

10 hours into the wear, FdFLE still projects. The cloud has dissipated now, and I catch milder, softer whiffs of candied, syrupy, almost citric vanilla, and the smoke from a fireplace. I am quite impressed by the tenacity of this fragrance, the journey it takes, and the understated and subtle beauty of its far dry-down.

Enthusiastically recommended for oriental lovers whose tastes lean toward the classics (like Shalimar and Coco), and to those who enjoyed Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant, Tresor L’Absolu, and the original Fan di Fendi. Skin test is recommended prior to purchase. Beautifully done!


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