How to decorate your Christmas table


All the gifts are bought and wrapped and now it’s time to think about Christmas dinner, (unfortunately, not eating it just yet, just a few more weeks to go). After deciding where we are purchasing the turkey, getting the vegetables and the rest of the trimmings, the final touch is how are we going to dress the dining table? Considering we spend a large amount of time around the dining table on Christmas day, it’s important that the table looks stylish and wonderfully festive. Here are some ideas on how to do so:

Add Magic and Sparkle
Everyone’s Christmas needs a hint of magic and sparkle, there are a number of ways you can do this, including: adding a sequined table runner across your table, adding tea lights in small candle holders or running fairy lights through the centre of your table. Try to avoid cluttering your table, as you need enough room to fit your tableware. Choose a colour theme to make the table look elegant and sophisticated.


Create a Centre Piece
A centrepiece can really make the table come alive and it doesn’t need to come in a frilly, fussy package. Simple can sometimes be more effective. Why not try creating a colourful centrepiece by filling an embellished bowl with an assortment of brightly coloured baubles and ornaments. You could place the bowl on a cake stand to give it height and cover the extra space with evergreens and holly, then add a glass bell jar over it to keep it in place.

Personalised Christmas Crackers
What’s Christmas dinner without pulling a cracker before you begin the meal? Instead of giving your guests supermarket Christmas crackers that contain boring, pointless gifts that you will end up throwing away at the end of the meal, make your own and add in something that you know they will love, such as their favourite chocolates or a memorable old photograph. It will start the Christmas meal off with a bang (no pun intended)! Follow this guide on how to make your own, if you don’t have the right materials you can simply buy your art supplies online at Artifolk. You could even get the kids to help you make them.


Simple place settings
As the runner, crackers, and other decorations will already be making the table look busy, keep the place setting simple and minimalistic. Why not use white plates, with a napkin on top with a simple napkin ring embellishment. It will complement perfectly with the contemporary theme you have created.

Name cards
Name cards are another personal touch you can add to your table (whilst avoiding family arguments on where people want to sit). You can be extra creative this one; why not try gluing three candy sticks together to create an upright holder. Simply glue two together facing towards you so that it creates the perfect curve for you to place the name card and then glue the third on the back in the centre to act as the stand.


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