I purchased this shampoo along with the Phytokeratine Conditioner about 4 months ago. My hair is very fine and pretty thin. It gets greasy very easily and I have to wash my hair daily for it to look even just OK. I am wearing my hair long again and decided I needed to get a better shampoo so tried this after reading reviews.

I can honestly say that my hair looks and feels fuller and I have gotten several comments from my husband, family and friends saying how nice my hair looks. That has NEVER happened before. My hair has less breakage, which was a concern with it getting longer. Also, as a bonus, I don’t have to wash my hair everyday. Really! I could maybe even go third day but that might be pushing it.

I find that this shampoo works best if I rinse my hair really well first. I have occasionally pre-washed with a regular shampoo first but I don’t think that is really necessary. I’m finding that it foams up well enough without pre-shampoo and even if it doesn’t, my hair is still clean and looks great. As I mentioned, I use this with the Phytokeratine Conditioner.


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