Review: Dior Addict Eau De Toilette


Are you familiar with the Dior Addict family? They come in all kind of shapes and sizes and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you love. Very typical to this line is the design of the packaging. We also see this coming back in the make-up line, we have lipsticks and even mascaras and eyeliners shaped like it! But today is about the scents, a review of the new mascara and liners will come up soon though!

So about the Dior Addict fragrances. I remember when I ventured into make-up there were two versions of this scent: the blue bottle (eau de parfum) and another version that I can’t recall. Later I learned that Dior frequently adds a new edt to the line as a limited edition for like a year or maybe longer. The same story goes for this year. Last year we had the original edp, the eau fraiche, eau sensuelle and eau delice. This year the eau sensuelle and eau delice will be discontinued and replaced by the eau de toilette.


Dior decided to revamp the line and went back to it’s roots. We say goodbye to the playful ombre bottles and are welcoming the new more simple but elegant bottles. Instead of the shiny built in perfume spray we get a transparent removable cap. The bottle got skinnier too. The whole look is more grown-up and feminine and I think that’s what they had in mind when they created the newest fragrance to this range.


So let’s go straight to the notes. Top notes is sicilian mandarin. Middle notes are jasmine sambac and Tunisian neroli.Base notes are vanilla and sandalwood. When I read this fragrance description before ever smelling it, it reminded me a bit of a more simple version of Dior J’Adore, my first perfume ever. I think it’s the mandarin, neroli, jasmine, vanilla and the woodsy notes. J’Adore has more depth though and it develops slightly differently. Dior Addict EDT starts out as a burst of citrus blended in with the neroli and jasmine. The mandarin quickly fades to the background and the jasmine starts to play the leading part. The sandalwood slowly comes through to give it a more smoky touch. The vanilla is always on the background as a subtle note but it becomes more stronger when you wear it for a while.

The whole fragrance gives a very feminine sophisticated feel. At the start it’s quite transparant with some watery touches but it evolves into something with more body. At times the mandarin comes back to the foreground and it becomes stronger with a kick. I wouldn’t call this an oriental scent on me but I can see how on some people the sandalwood comes more out giving it that vibe. To me this is quite fresh because of the mandarin yet classy because of the neroli and jasmine. The scent is quite light, it’s never heavy or intoxicating on me. Like I already said: it really reminds me of a lighter/more simple version of J’Adore!

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