Review Wild Cherry Whipped Pomade


For starters,  when opening the package, the scent that greets you makes you feel like you’re in a bakery; yet it’s not overbearing. As the day progresses the scent of the cherries is still there just long enough to give you a small whiff. The pomade is smooth, creamy, and thick in consistency. It’s thick in the sense that a little goes a long way. It glides through curls with ease.

I love products that multi-task. I applied the pomade to my soaking wet hair in the shower because I wanted to see if it would double as a moisturizer and styling balm. Immediately I could tell my curls were hydrated, bouncy, and frizz free. I let my hair air dry as usual, and found I didn’t have as much shrinkage as I normally would. After my hair dried I was able to whip my curls back and forth; they were soft, moisturized, and had definition without crunch. When using the pomade on my hair while dry, it redefined the curls that had lost their bounce.


The consistency of the pomade is meant for kinky and curly textured hair. The delicious list of ingredients not only sound good, they are also great for your hair and scalp. This product does what it says as far as moisturizing, hydrating, and elongating your curls. I used it for a wash-n-go, but it can also be used for twist outs, braids, and other styles. It will definitely give you the hold you’re looking for. For any curly girl looking for a new styling product then I definitely recommend Wild Cherry Pomade. It will last a long time and will improve the over health of your hair.

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