Review: Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-On Sneaker Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers Converse Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker


I just love my Converse shoes.The Converse shoe has become the iconic sneaker today for almost everyone. Youngsters, adults and even well known celebrities are sporting this rugged look. You will find your famous Hollywood celebrities wearing converse at almost every occasion. From award functions to even red carpet.

Converse, one of the few things in life that girls and boys can agree on! They deserve the iconic status that they enjoy. They are so comfy, they look cool and there are so many colors to choose from.  I love wearing my Converse with skinny jeans for a trendy dressed down look at the weekend and with denim cut offs during the summer.

Lots of our favorite celebrity style icons have been spotted wearing Converse All-Stars. Everyone from Miley Cyrus and Natalie Portman to Rihanna. Kristen Stewart has been photographed many times at red carpet events rocking Converse with her designer dresses. Maybe this is a step too far but it works for Kristen.

Do you wear converse? What do you like to wear them with?

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