Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara


The Noir Couture Volume mascara is without the most sexy yet tough looking mascara I ever had! The tube is very similar like the original version but insert inverted pyramid studs and BAM we got the Volume version! I cannot even express my appreciation for this design, it’s just straight-out awesome! It’s edgy, sexy and very rocker-chic but with that very typical Givenchy-touch. I must say: the brand really knows how to do their packaging!

So the Noir Couture Volume mascara has a different wand. It has black and white bristles, but you can’t see this when it’s covered in mascara obviously. The wand is shaped a bit like a pear if that makes sense. The bristles are longer at the end and shortest in the middle. It’s quite interesting why they went for this shape. Noir Couture Volume contains silica micro-beads filled with keratin to protect lashes. It also contains rice-peptides to make the lashes stronger. So aside from the volume-part it’s designed for revitalizing your lashes.


You can put as many fancy ingredients in a mascara, but does it work? Yes and not just a bit! Let me tell you about the texture of the mascara. This is smooth, thick and creamy without being wet at all. Result is that they hold the curl of my lashes without any problem. The wand has the same principles as the original version. You don’t wiggle with this wand through your lashes, else you get a clumpy mess. This brush is really designed to comb through the lashes and do all the wiggly work for you.The thickest part is perfect for thickening the lashes while the top part is perfect for defining them. The result is amazing!

The part about volume was not a joke but it’s the real deal here! Whenever I use this mascara I don’t even feel the need to use falsies. You get a beautiful defined lash fringe with lots and lots of volume. And let’s throw in an extra bonus: it stays on like a champ!  I normally always use a mascara base for more volume but it’s not even needed here. It’s safe to say that I found my new favourite mascara. It does everything that I’m looking for and even better!

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