One Space Living: The Studio


There is a lot to be said for living in one space.  No running up and down the stairs, plenty of space to get about and a huge amount of natural light.  One space living doesn’t have to be small, if it’s large it can be cosy.  Let’s take a look at how to create the ultimate single space home.

Sectioning off parts of your home so you have privacy between certain areas can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to lose all that natural light or take away from a beautiful large floor space.  If you are looking for an industrial vibe you could install toughened glass panels and then use frosted glass window film to give you a little privacy between bedroom and living space.  This will slightly diffuse any natural light coming into the building but you won’t lose the light which is really important for both our health and boosting the most of the space.

Using furniture to make clear divides between your relaxing space, your work space and your dining is a really great way of sectioning a room without walls or panels.  Using a large piece of paper you can roughly sketch out how this will work then piece together mood boards to ensure you have a style which works together.  If you love the minimalist look, which does compliment single room living, then check out Ikea and the range of great matching furniture which can continue a room whilst giving you definition in each zone.  

Another clever way to separate spaces is to use material.  Bold materials from the ceiling to the floor which can be opened and closed depending on the feel you want in your home.  If you are enjoying a quiet evening watching a romantic film you could mimic the feel of a cosy, two person cinema.  Whilst dramatic materials are exciting they will lock out some natural light.  So you could also create this feeling using light materials which will allow the sunlight to burst through.  Play with ideas in different areas and bear in mind that material is pretty easy to replace when you get fed up.  

Bouncing light from various objects or corners can fool the eye into thinking something is there when it is really just a shadow.  You can create dramatic themes on walls with coloured light systems and even set parts of your space into complete darkness to bring a large room in on itself, also master the art of accessorising to bring added personality to your space.

Single space living is a fantastic and a great chance to get really creative and understand how small things can have a huge impact if used in the correct way.  However you must remember the most import rule of living the open plan life.  Tidiness and order are vital.  One mess in the kitchen and you can’t close the door and forget it! So make sure you have great storage solutions and keep everything hidden away (not under the bed) from your guests.

How To Get Your Head Around Mental Health

Despite an increase in awareness, the world of mental health is still one many of us don’t understand. If it’s not something you’ve experienced, mental health can be a hard thing to get your head around. The worst part is that it’s an invisible illness. Too often, we dismiss symptoms as something the person in question should ‘get over.’ But, it’s not that simple! You may not understand the in’s and out’s, but it’s important to remember that it’s a medical condition. The illness is not something the person can change by adopting a different view. Often, mental illness requires medication, just like any other illness. If you know someone who’s suffering with their mental health, there are things you can do to help.

Recognise the symptoms 

Depending on what stage your friend is at, they may not realize there’s a problem. If mental illness isn’t a subject they’re knowledgeable in, they may be suffering in silence. As a friend, it’s your job to recognise the symptoms. This can be an extremely hard thing to get right. But, if your friend has been acting out of sorts for an extended period, there may be a more serious problem. Research symptoms of bipolar, depression, and other possible conditions. Bear in mind that you might get your diagnosis wrong. It’s best not to suggest what you think the problem is. Instead, take steps to encourage your friend to…


Visit a doctor

Getting your friend to visit a doctor might not be easy. Especially if they aren’t aware there’s a problem. If you approach the subject wrong, you could cause offense and ostracize your friend further. While broaching the subject, make sure to use sensitive language. Use examples of behavior that has concerned you. Explain why you think a doctor’s visit might be necessary. Make sure not to accuse or get angry. Patience is key. Even if your friend refuses straight away, they might think through what you’ve said and agree later. Once you’ve made your suggestion, you need to let the subject drop. You can be sure your words have had some impact. Even so, your friend needs time to process what you’ve said.

Avoid blame 

It’s easy to blame those suffering from mental illness for their behavior. If it’s not something you’ve been through, it can be hard to understand that it’s not your friend doing these terrible things. Some cases will be worse than others. Depression can cause a person to seem distant, and unable to consider other’s feelings. An illness like bipolar can cause reckless and damaging behavior with little regard for consequences. Your friend may be hard to reach, and distant when you’re with them. Remember that this is a health issue just like any other. You wouldn’t blame them for the way a tumor would make them act, right? Nor should you blame them for what they do when mentally unwell. Anytime you’re losing patience, research the symptoms and remind yourself what your friend is going through.

Exposed to the Elements: Protecting Your Home Come Wind, Rain Or Shine

Your home is not simply a comfy place to relax after a hard day at work, it also plays an important role in protecting you from the unpredictable nature of the weather. Over the course of a single year, your home is exposed to temperature extremes, thunderous rainfall and strong winds.

As long as you’ve bought well and have not experienced any extreme weather events, your home should be able to stand up to this onslaught, but not without taking a fair old buffeting. That’s why it’s important to regularly check how your home is doing if you are to prevent the elements from causing major damage.



One of the best ways of ensuring that your home protects you from temperature fluctuations is to install insulation. Cavity wall and loft insulation improves your home’s energy efficiency, lowering your heating bills, but also helps prevent colder temperatures from causing any damage. Insulation, including lagging round your pipes, can help prevent pipes from freezing and subsequently bursting.

Even if you have insulation, it’s a good idea to regularly check its condition. If moisture infiltrates your loft or wall cavities then this can be absorbed by the insulation present and contribute to damp building up in your home.

Get the paintbrush out

Painting your exterior walls doesn’t just give your home a great new look, it also protects it against the wind and rain. Investigate the different types of paint available and you’ll find that some have more durable qualities than others. Masonry paint, for example, is waterproof and dirt-resistant, offering your home protection for years to come.

Reliable roofing

A few missing tiles may not seem like much to you at the moment, but it could lead to a greater problem. A strong wind could easily turn that gap into a huge hole and then you really are exposing your home to the elements. A hole in your roof can easily lead to a leak, and all the subsequent problems that are associated with this.

The problem with roof damage is that it is a difficult and dangerous job to take on yourself, even if you’re experienced with DIY projects. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, seeking out the best roofers in your local area will give you the protection that your home needs without you having to get that rickety ladder out of the garage. Many contractors will also be able to repair your roof in a single day and offer a warranty on the work so you don’t have to worry about the hole re-appearing for a while.

Don’t ignore the warning signs

If you’ve noticed a crack in your exterior wall or puddles appearing around your home after rainfall, act quickly to stop minor problems developing into something far worse. Your home undergoes gradual weathering all the time, but if you ignore the warning signs you could eventually have to fork out for a huge repair bill. Instead, if you act quickly to carry out any minor maintenance work, your home should stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Get Up Offa That Thing And Stand Up More


Do you know how long you have been sitting down for today? If you have you been sitting at your desk or on the sofa for a prolonged period, it will now be time to get up and put some weight on your legs! Over the past few years, lots of studies have shown that sitting down is a lot more dangerous for our health than what we had previously thought. Not only does standing keep your fitness up, but it will also bring the following benefits.

It Reduces Your Risk Of Obesity

The only reason why any of us gain weight is that we are consuming way too many calories. If you eat more than what you can burn off, all those excess calories will get turned into fat by the body. And there is one very easy way you can increase the number of calories that your body burns off – you just need to stand up more throughout the day! It is thought that simply standing still for an hour will burn an extra 170 calories compared to an hour of sitting. So if you want to try and increase your metabolism and burn off some weight, get up out of that chair!

It Prevents Varicose Veins

If you ask vein specialists, they will tell you that there are various reasons why some people get varicose veins. It is usually because they sit down for too much or stay standing up for too long. But you don’t have to worry about too much standing unless you need to stay on your feet all day for work. If you have developed varicose veins because you sit down too much, you need to start standing up, as this can prevent them from getting any worse.


It Helps To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

It is impossible to prevent your blood sugar levels from rising after you have eaten, as there will be traces of sugar in your food no matter how healthy it is. But you can prevent these levels from rising too high if you are quite active just after you eat. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible while you are at work. But studies show that if you stay stood up for the first hour after eating, you can also help to maintain your blood sugar levels. This is one of the reasons why many employers are now investing in standing desks for their workers.

It Will Reduce Back Pain

One of the main causes of back pain is the poor posture that our bodies take up when we are sitting down for long periods. This is made much worse when we are working at computers, as well often slump over the screen, which bends our spine and puts a huge strain on our back muscles. Standing up not only prevents this pain, but it can also be a great remedy as well. In fact, many doctors now prescribe daily walking as a way to combat back pains and aches.

Mad About Health? A Medical Career Could Be Perfect

On my friendly section of the web I have posted a lot of information about health, fitness and staying in great personal health. But what if you want to take things one step further? Rather than working to keep a check on your own health, you could work to make things better for other people. You can do this by entering a career in the medical industry. But what do you need to succeed when you’re seeking a job in medicine? Well, a good start would be a passion for your own health and fitness. Recently the media has suggested that doctors should learn from their own advice. This was after it was revealed the a large portion of doctors are living unhealthy lifestyles. While this might seem hypocritical it is nevertheless, quite common. Working in health doesn’t mean you yourself will be healthy, but it’s certainly a good place to start. It means that you are interested in health trends, practices and everything about staying fit as a fiddle. Of course, there are other traits and skills you’ll need to succeed.

Determined And Ambitious

Blood Sugar Diabetic Diabetes Medicine Insulin

You do need to be determined to succeed in the health industry because if you’re just coming out of the gate, you have a lot of years ahead of you. Particularly, if you want to a full medical degree to become a doctor. You could be looking at eight to ten years in training and while it’s true some of those years will be spent in a hospital, you still won’t be completely in control. It’s not quite the same as running an operating theatre. So, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you and it will require an immense amount of studying. Medicine has one of the highest dropouts for college students out of all the degrees you can study so it’s certainly stressful. Not everyone is going to succeed on this career path. The good news is that if you don’t make it to becoming a full doctor, you can still work in health. You can become a hospital care assistant. There are plenty of facts on hospital care assistants but one of the main considerations to take on board is that you don’t have to be fully trained. You can complete this job without a full medical license.

Care About People

You might think that there are roles in medicine that don’t require any patient interaction. There are but a) they are few and far between and b) to reach them you’re going to have to go through the same training as everyone else. This means at some point in your career you will be seeing patients, attending rounds and generally, filling the role of a doctor. That’s why you probably shouldn’t go into medicine unless you can handle patient interactions. If you can’t handle patient interactions you probably won’t survive your first year in medicine, let alone the next nine! However, it’s fair to say that not everyone working in medicine is filled with song and love for all mankind. There are certainly some doctors who are more fascinated about how the body works and saving lives. That’s perfectly acceptable as long as you can fake the rest enough that you don’t alienate people looking for help.

Memory Skills

Even at a lower role in medicine, there’s still a lot you need to think about and know, virtually off by heart. For one thing, looking at your phone or tablet half way through diagnosing a patient could give the wrong impression and make them feel unsure of your skills. Second in medicine, it’s true to say that every second counts. You need to think about solutions and treatments without having to spend hours researching to find the right diagnosis. As such, if you have an excellent memory it will certainly serve you well in medicine. If not just to get through the mountain of exams you’ll need to pass through your college career alone.

Not Just Medicine

Although we’re focusing on medicine it’s important to realise there are plenty of careers related to health that won’t put you inside a hospital. If you’re interested in fitness in particular, you can become a fitness trainer. I’ve already posted about this and you can find more thoughts on that elsewhere on this blog. Another possibility is to become a nutritionist. Nutritional experts aren’t always tied down to hospitals, but they will help people with their diet and ensure that they get their weight back to a healthy level. Or, you can research and write about health and fitness. If you love the ideas behind medicine and health but hate the possibility of working in the industry, writing could be the best option. A lot of medical blogs earn thousands a week for their owners by providing info people need.

Pressure Pushing Down On You

That said, if you do pick a career in medicine as a way to expand your health and fitness knowledge, you can expect a lot of pressure in your career. It’s not quite the same as working a deadline in an office. Someone’s life or wellbeing really could be on the line and at that point, you realise the true responsibility of a medical career. It’s not just about learning about health, it’s about saving lives. If you can’t handle the stress of that there are other positions to fill. But you shouldn’t automatically assume you won’t be able to handle this type of pressure. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t think they could cope with someone else’s life being in their hands. It’s only with training that they understand how to do this.

As you can see then, there is plenty of factors to take into consideration before you enter a career in medicine. Or, a career in health and fitness. But if the passion is already there, it’s a fantastic place to begin. You could be better suited for a position in medicine than some of the other people filling that role right now.

A Final Goodbye To The Home That’s Served You Well

Selling a house is never easy. You may think it’s the moving part that’s a challenge, but that’s not all there is to it. Long before you get to that stage, you need to make your house look its best for potential buyers. It may seem backwards, dressing a home to sell, but it’s a step you can’t afford to miss. It’s also important you get around to those jobs you’ve been putting off. Selling a home when it’s not in top condition could end costing you, or even the sale itself. But, what should you focus on?

Deal with damp and mould

One thing you can’t leave for new owners is damp and mold. The problem is often easy to treat. Before you start, make sure that an underlying problem isn’t causing the issue. Our homes are full of moisture, so a little damp is nothing unusual. Even so, large amounts of damp are often caused by something more serious. Identify whether this is the case, and deal with any issues that arise. This may cost you, but it’ll cost you more if you leave the problems! If you find no sinister cause, it’s still important to clean the area. A bucket of soapy water should do the job. In severe cases, further treatment may be required. Give it a go, and see if you can clean those stains!


Take to the roof

Before you put your house on the market, pay attention to the areas you’ve been neglecting. That includes your roof! Many of us fail to notice problems with our roofing. It’s no wonder when they’re so out of the way. If you feel safe to do so, get up a ladder and take a look. You should be able to see any obvious issues. If you do spot something, or don’t feel safe to look yourself, call on a company like Texas Star Roofing. They’ll be able to tell you more about what you spotted. Roofing work can be expensive, so it’s worth taking time before you make a decision over what to do. It may be worth taking a cut in the house price, instead. That’s a decision only you can make!



We’ve all got places in our homes that haven’t seen a duster in a long time. When you’re moving, it’s time to get your cleaning gloves on and tackle those hidden places! That’s right. It’s important you do a complete clean. This will help give a good impression when people are viewing your house. It also saves the new owners from moving into a messy space. No one wants that, right? Clean out your cupboards and wipe them down. Dust those high places you don’t usually bother with. It’s even worth moving your furniture and clearing under there! This may not be your top priority, but it’s a job that needs doing. The good news is that cleaning these spots now will save you work when it comes to your moving day!

Today Is Going To Be A Brilliant Day

Do you sometimes have the feeling from the moment you wake up that this is not going to be your day? Stressful lifestyle, heavy workload, and bad weather, these are some of the most common complaints about bad days. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up feeling that today is going to be your day, that it’s going to be awesome, no matter what? This guide is about to give some valuable tips to make every day a brand new and fresh start.  


Give Your Bedroom A Taste Of Paradise

It seems easy to forget that the bedroom is not only the room with the bed and the fancy bedsheets in, but it is the place where you retire to sleep. So, quite naturally, your bedroom deserves a makeover if it happens to be one of your least favourite room in the house. While you should consider the quality of your mattress, there is more to a bedroom décor than that. The colours you choose for the room will influence the quality of your sleep, and more importantly your mood when you open your eyes on the next morning. Bright colours might be appealing but stay away from violent and aggressive shades such as red or black, which might be a little too much as a first impression in the morning. Remember that your bedroom is the first thing that you see in the morning, so making it look good is more than a case of vanity decoration. It’s about starting the day in a beautiful and organised place. This has a tremendously positive effect on your mood!

No More Wasted Nights

How you sleep will impact on your day. Indeed, if you’ve had a bad night sleep, you’re likely to feel on edge or tired all day. A day that starts with having to drink a can of energetic drink to wake up is already doomed to be tough. You want to make the most of your time awake, to be at your most efficient or productive, and this means that you should make the most of your time asleep first. It’s surprising to find out that, despite the technological progress people enjoy in their everyday life, most individuals find it so hard to develop healthy sleeping habits. Indeed, a better sleep starts with embracing a healthier lifestyle and staying away from the common problems: Lack of exercise, excessive use of screens and IT devices before going to bed, and unhealthy diet. If you want to wake up refreshed and ready for a brand new day, you need to adjust your lifestyle to allow for natural sleeping patterns to re-establish themselves.  

Better Wake Up Call

If you’ve ever started the day by missing your alarm call, you know that stress is going to be your motto for the day. If you don’t want to experience anything similar again, it’s a good idea to sleep with your blinds or curtains halfway open. By doing this, you are allowing your brain to register the passing of time. This will naturally start your biological alarm clock: Your brain is sending the message to your body that the sun is out. Naturally, you may argue that this doesn’t work very well in winter. Your brain can register the noise in the streets, the lights outside – even if you think it’s still night, the streets are brighter at 6 am than they are at midnight and the sounds of the wildlife waking up can influence your brain. Additionally, you should always set your alarm clock at least 15 minutes earlier as this will give you more time to wake up: Less stress and sense of emergency in the morning are the guarantee for a relaxed start to your day.

Take A Better Breakfast

Most people are too stressed out in the morning to have breakfast. So make sure to get up a little earlier to be able to sit down and take your first meal of the day. For some, preparing the breakfast in advance with an overnight oat recipe, or buying an automatic coffee machine, is a great help. Others prefer to repeat the same gestures every day for comfort. There’s no right or wrong as long as you get plenty of vitamins!

Share The Love

Remember to kiss all the people you love in the house, and this includes the cat and the dog before you leave. The therapist Barbara Bartlein claims that connecting with the ones you love soothes stress and gives you a positive start to your day. Love keeps you focused on what matters in life, so make the most of your morning rituals to share the love with those who matter.  


Bills, Bills, Bills! 4 Ways To Cut Down On Your Outgoings

Saving money is something we would all love to learn to do; unfortunately, some of us just don’t have it in us. We would all love an extra vacation in the year, or a little treat, or even having some spare money to put towards a rainy day fund would do. The idea behind saving money is not about cutting corners, we all need to live comfortable lives and not go without the essentials, but rather starting good spending habits. Here are a few methods to get into the swing of money saving.

Waste Not, Want Not!

Look around you. What do you really need? Do you need that gym membership, or can you run outside and lift a kettlebell in the garage? Look at your mobile phone plan; do you use all the credit? Or do you find yourself with loads of minutes left at the end of the month and your internet usage is very low because you tend to use the Wi-Fi in your home anyway? By figuring out where all your non-essential payments are going, and by asking yourself if you really need them, you can make a substantial saving on your outgoings for the year.

Food, Glorious Food!


Do you eat out a lot? No? Well, how about that takeaway coffee in the morning en route to work? If you just buy that every day at £2.25, you’ve spent £20.50 a week, which works out at £984 a year! That’s a lot of paycheck on coffee. Instead, by making coffee at home and putting it in a thermal take away cup, you can still enjoy your cup of java on the go! And if you’re a coffee snob, you can still invest in the expensive brands, because a jar of the expensive brand is only a little bit more than your daily shop-bought cup, and that jar will last a lot longer than one day.

Ensure You’re Insured!

Warranties on your essential household items, like your fridge, need to be in place, which will save you money on buying a new one when it breaks down, which will make a big dent in your wallet. A site like WarrantyGuides is one of the many companies that offer warranties on your essentials. By having the right cover in place, it is preparing for that fateful day when something breaks down, and instead of bleeding yourself dry financially, you can get a replacement!  

Make A Deal!


We are stubborn when it comes to our preferred choice of brands. Instead of buying items as and when we need them, getting them when they are on offer or on a buy one get one free deal means you are getting value for money. Items like ketchup and mustard will keep in the fridge for a long time, and if you are buying meat, freeze them! They will keep for up to six months in the freezer. And items like tin cans have a faraway expiry date, so stock up on them!

Your Guide to Preventing Back Pain


Back pain is a very common condition which will usually clear up in a few weeks or months, however it can be a chronic condition, and no matter how long you have it, it will leave its mark due to the intense pain it can cause. When you are suffering from back pain, you can find it difficult to do the everyday tasks you usually have trouble with, from picking up your kids to sitting at your desk, so it can be a major problem.

Although it is notoriously difficult to find out the exact cause of most back pain, the good news is that it has been possible to identify a number of things that can help to keep back pain at bay. Here are some of the things you can do to prevent back pain:

Maintain a Strong back

Keeping your back strong via exercise is one of the best things you can to prevent back pain from taking hold. It is also good for anyone who already has back pain and wants to relieve the symptoms.

Ideally, you should partake in a low-impact exercise that will strengthen the back without straining it or causing any sudden movements in the area. Yoga and Pilates are particularly good as they help to increase back flexibility and build muscle strength, but activities like running, swimming and cycling are also good options, and you should choose a healthy activity that you enjoy, so that you will stick to your regime and keep your back, and the rest of your body, in good shape.


Regular stretching plays a vital role in strengthening your back, and you should always stretch before you partake in any activity, to warm your back muscles up and minimize the chances of an injury. Ideally, you should even stretch before you do household chores and gardening because these are common causes of back strain.

Lift Correctly

One of the main causes of chronic back pain is improper lifting. If you lift heavy objects in the wrong way, you can train and tear your back muscles, and give yourself weeks., months or even years of pain. Fortunately, this is easily avoided by employing proper lifting technique. Here’s how:

  •      Before you lift anything, you should plan the lift, working out if you can use any lifting aids, checking where the object is going to be placed and working out if you need more people to help you.
  •      Next, you should stand with your feet shoulder apart and one leg slightly in front of the other. This will make you more stable as you lift.
  •      Get hold of the load at hip level and keep it as close to the body as possible. Bend with the knees keeping the back as straight as possible.
  •      When setting the load down, move slowly bending the knees to avid back strain.

Sit Properly

Sitting in the wrong position can cause or exacerbate back injuries, which is why it is important to sit with your back straight and shoulders back. You should also relax your elbows and avoid crossing your legs as doing so can weaken your core muscles and stiffen the muscles of the lower back.

If you are sitting in a swivel chair, you should never use your waist to turn the seat, and should instead use your whole body to move the chair.

Wherever you are sitting, if it is at all possible, you should aim to get up and stretch every 20 minutes. If that’s not possible. Stretching once every hour is a good compromise.

Driving Position

Driving can be really tough on the back, particularly if you drive for long periods of time. Thankfully, there are lots of things you can do to ease the strain of driving on the back:

  •      If possible, you should always sit with your butt pressed against the back of the seat and so that your leg is bent slightly when your foot hits the pedal
  •      Always adjust your seat so that the distance between the end of your seat and the back of your knees is 1.5-2 inches wide
  •      Adjust the backrest so that you can get hold of the steering wheel when your arms are bent
  •      Always keep your shoulders pressed back against the backrest, especially when you are turning the wheel
  •      If you start to experience lower back pain when driving, roll up a towel and place it behind your lower back for extra support.
  •      Align the headrest with the top of your head and try to maintain contact between your head and the rest as much as possible.
  •      Stop your vehicle in a safe place, get up and walk as much as you can to avoid your back getting locked into one position.


Another thing that can lead to back pain is a poor choice of mattress. If you want to get a goodnight’s sleep and wake up without any aches and pain in the neck or back regions, you really need to invest in a good mattress and change old mattresses when they start to get worn. If you aren’t sure about the best mattresses for back pain, and the ideal mattress quality, you can learn from learn from

It is also a good idea to choose the right pillows to support your neck and spine because poor neck and spine position can lead to all kinds of back problems, not to mention sleepless nights spent tossing and turning. Memory foam pillows seem to be very good at supporting the neck and back, but you might need to try a few different kinds of pillows to find the ones that really work for you.

Furthermore, sleeping on your side with your knees drawn slightly towards your chest is thought to be the best position to sleep in if you want to prevent a bad back. If you must sleep on your back, try placing a pillow between your knees and one under your lower back for great spinal support.


Computers may have completely transformed the way we live our lives, but they are also a leading cause of back and neck strain, which isn’t surprising when you consider how much time the average person spends in front of them. If you spend a lot of time working or playing at your computer, here are some things you can do to prevent back injuries:

  •      Position your keyboard straight in front of you. If your keyboard veers to the left or right, it can promote bad posture and that is a leading cause of back pain.
  •      Ensure that your elbow is always level with the spacebar of your computer to make sure you are typing in the right position.
  •      Make sure that your keyboard is placed at a height which allows to keep your wrists straight as you type. You will significantly reduce your wrist of back and repetitive strain injuries by doing so.
  •      When looking between your monitor and documents on your desk, turn your whole body rather than just your neck to prevent injuries.
  •      Consider using a document holder, which will prop up your documents next to the screen, at the same height, so you do not have to twist and turn at all to do your work.
  •      Get up and do some stretches every 20 minutes, or take a walk around the office to give your body a break from all the sitting.

Lose Weight

If you are overweight, shedding those excess pounds could help you to prevent back pain by taking some of the pressure off your back muscles. ~Losing weight is particularly good for preventing lower back pain, which is one of the most common kinds of back pain. If you are not overweight, do your best to make sure it stays that way by eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise.

Stop Smoking

Studies have shown that, if you smoke, it is more difficult for nutrient-carrying blood to get to the spine, which could cause inflammation and worse in the area. So, if you are a smoker, do your best to kick the habit, your back and your wallet will thank you, and you’ll probably increase your life expectancy to boot!

What if You’re Already Experiencing Back Pain?

If you are already experiencing back pain, the best thing you can do is visit a doctor who will be able to rule out any serious issues, such as tumours as the cause of your pain. They will also be able to advise you which of the above measures you can safely implement to manage your pain, and if necessary they will be able to prescribe you painkillers or treatments.

Many sufferers of back pain find that a good deep tissue massage really helps them to manage their symptoms, but if you are going to go down this route, you must make absolutely sure that your massage therapist is trained to deal with back pain, and you should let them know you are suffering before they work on you!


Ear Us Out – Eye Can’t Recommend It Enough…

Our bodies are beautiful things. They are so complex and have more work to do that we could ever dream of; they are what makes us. We have five core senses to help us explore the world, and they each work independently to take everything in and then team up to process it all, giving you a wonderful experience every moment that you take for granted. Of course you do – we do – it’s just the norm for us.

But have you ever stopped to consider just what is happening as each second ticks by? What effort your body is putting in, for you to be able to sit and even think whilst doing a multitude of other things? At any one moment your body is sending not millions, not billions but trillions of signals around your body, helping to regenerate new cells, metabolise your energy, keep you balanced and awake and reading and breathing and … wow. It’s a lot to take in.


Eye Can See You

It’s amazing, and slightly hard, to think how our eyes work. These two little spheres help us to take in a variety of information at any one given time. You can take in more in thirty seconds looking round a room than you would in over a hundred times the amount of time if you were to just go around using your other senses to get a grasp of it. Seeing an optician regularly will help you to take good care of your eyes and treat them as you should be doing – glasses or contacts may be needed if you are putting too much strain on them. It’s especially easy to do in this age of technology, where we are using our eyes more and more to look at screens rather than the world around us.

Ear’s A Thought…

Sound can evoke a whole array of emotions. Music can bring back memories, a baby’s cry can break even the most hardest of hearts, and laughter can be infectious and bring your mood back to where it should be. Take care of your ears by listening to music at an appropriate volume; if it sounds like it’s too loud, then it probably is. Avoid turning your headphones up to full blast, as this can have irreversible damage on your eardrums. Cotton swabs should be totally avoided when cleaning your ears – have you ever heard of the expression ‘don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear’ ? Only a professional should be cleaning your ears unless you have been given specific instructions on how to do so. The insides of our ears are one of the most delicate bits on our bodies, and need to be treated as such.

Mind Control

Take some time out to give your brain a rest. Meditation can be great to relax and help you to focus. In a busy world, we need space to give ourselves the attention that we require – so close your eyes, shut off your ears and give yourself time to recover.