How to Make A Long-Distance Relationship Resist the Test of Time

It is said that long-distance relationships have little chances to make it through time. Because those involved in such a relationship don’t actually enjoy physical contact and quality time spent together with their partners, they are more tempted to walk away in the hope of having a real relationship. But, with technology at our fingertips, it is very easy to meet someone online and fall in love. As it happens in most cases, relationships that start in the online environment break the distance barrier. So, what do you do if you fell in love with someone you can’t meet that often?

If you want to hold onto your relationship and do your best to make it work, there are ways to make it happen. Many happy couples stand as proof that long-distance relationships can make it if both partners are properly involved. In case you’re looking to date Cornwall singles, for example, you can easily expand your options online. To make things work, here is a list of tips offered by relationship specialists, meant to help those involved in a long-distance relationship.

  • Come up with a schedule that suits you both

One of the biggest problem long-distance couples face is differences in the daily schedule of the partners. Each of you has your own lives, jobs, daily habits, and so on. If this is not enough, there are cases in which different time zones intervene as well. Thus, challenges and disappointments can occur quite easily. So, if you find a person you like and the feeling is mutual, you should find a schedule that suits you both. Agree on the hour you meet online and the time you dedicate to be with one another. If you use the Cornwall dating site it will be quite easy to set things straight. Just have the will to set this part right and everything will work out smoothly.

  • Talk about the goals you have and views of the future

Regardless if we are talking about a long-distance relationship or a traditional, geographically close relationships, none will work if the goals and views of the future of the partners are different. If you want to make things work and be sure that you’re not going to waste your time, see if your goals match. Mature Cornwall dating can be extremely satisfying and convenient, but you need to find a person that is on the same wavelength as you. Maybe your partner doesn’t consider moving in with you at some point, so you should talk about these things and see what each of you is pursuing.

  • Find other means to bond than relying on technology alone

While it is true that technology helps a lot, it should not be the only means that allows you to bond. Considering that there’s quite some distance between you two, it is still possible to enjoy physical evidence of your relationship and feelings. So, don’t hesitate to send your partner a handwritten card, for instance. Or you can send him or her gifts periodically, favorite sweets, or anything else you think it might make his or her day better.

  • Do your best to make your communication of the highest quality

Communication is the most important value of a long-distance relationship. It is the pillar that keeps you two together. Without it, your relationship will fall apart soon. So, focus on enjoying quality communication each time. According to specialists, this provides a high degree of satisfaction and fulfillment to partners and makes them want to keep going, in spite of the odds.

  • Don’t go overboard when it comes to spending time in person with your partner

You will plan an in-person meetup, without a doubt. After all, physical connecting is what we enjoy and crave, especially when involved in a relationship. However, try not to go overboard when planning for this kind of encounter. Many people who experience long-distance relationships feel pressured to make the most of every minute spent together with their partner. This feeling may be somewhat normal, considering the rare occurrence of these meetups. But it is not a good idea to rush things or allow pressure and stress into your life. It may be worth taking small steps, even in your case, as you have bigger chances to consolidate the relationship for the future.
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Home Design Trends that are “IN” in 2020

Whether you’re looking to get a new home, redecorate your current home, or make improvements that will change the way you live, checking out this year’s trends is a good way to go. Keeping an eye on the trends is a good way to find inspiration and see how to get the most out of our projects. So, here are the trends that are “IN” this year.

  • Monochromatic in bold colors

If you are the kind of person that enjoys opting for one color, it’s worth knowing that pale monochromatic are out in 2020. Instead, bold colors took their place. Thus, if you like cobalt blue or any other bold color, don’t be afraid to decorate an entire room this way. This also means the walls, ceiling, and floor as well.

  • Layering modern with vintage

If everybody was chasing perfection until recently, in 2020 you should start relaxing and enjoying your time. Perfect rooms are no longer in trends, as layering modern elements with vintage and old items is the way to do this year. So, think twice before throwing that old vase you have from your grandmother and other similar items.

  • Earthy colors

No matter what we do, earth-toned colors will always be in trend when it comes to home design. There’s something soothing and calming about these colors, which can also make our home warmer and more welcoming. So, if bold colors are not the thing for you, go for earthy tones, like chocolate brown, yellow ochre, and olive green.

  • Multi-functional spaces

The old rule that the rooms within a house should be separated by doors, based on their functionality, is off. Instead, multi-functional spaces took their place, allowing homeowners to enjoy a higher degree of versatility. Having this in mind, how about having a room that offers more natural light and gives you the feeling of being outside while being protected against the weather? How is this even possible? With the help of lantern roofs, you can turn any room into a gorgeous, airy, relaxing, and full of light space. These roofs can also be the ideal solution if you want a conservatory, which is the kind of structure that keeps you safe from all types of weather.

  • Nature-inspired designs

If you want your home to be an oasis where you can rewind and chase away stress, you have to use elements that will take you back to your origins. What does this mean? It means to use wood and other natural materials, real plants, and even vertical gardens. The idea is to keep decorations to a minimum and underline the beauty of natural materials and their genuine colors.

  • Faux marble

Speaking of natural materials, there are cases when faux versions are better than genuine materials. The same goes for marble. Marble is gorgeous, without a doubt, but the thought of staining it and then spending loads of money to regain its initial beauty can truly haunt you. Instead, people opt for faux marble, which offers the same visual impact, with a lower degree of maintenance and fewer worries.

  • Classic designs for interior spaces

Contrary to what you may believe, futuristic interiors are not in trend. On the contrary, classic interiors made a significant comeback this year. In case you enjoy them as well, nothing will stop you from having them in 2020.

Improve your date life and find the ideal partner

You have a life you can’t complain about. Things are working great in your professional life, you can handle things on your own with ease, and do okay most of the time. However, there seems to be something wrong with your personal life. You either sacrificed all your time for your job or haven’t met anyone worthy of your consideration so far. While life as a single is not always that bad, it would be great to have someone to share your days with. You’re probably wondering why is it so difficult to enjoy a successful personal life, considering you made it with your career, more or less.

The truth is that many people appear to be reaching a plateau when it comes to their social lives. It’s like they don’t get opportunities to meet new people, people that may turn into a good date and, why not, even the partner they’re looking for. If you are in this situation, you’re probably thinking that the city is too small and the chances to meet someone new are rather slim. The good ones are already taken and those that are still single may have flaws that are hard to take. Living in cities like Shropshire or Devon may give you the sensation that your options are more than limited. So, what do you do in this case? You accept the thought that you’ll remain single for the rest of your life? Of course not, for Lord’s sake.

The best shot you have to improve your date life and find the ideal partner is to have an online presence. Yes, you know what I mean, it’s all about online dating. But, don’t take the first online dating websites you see. Go for a Shropshire dating site instead. Why look for dates locally? Traveling long distances to meet someone is always risky. Not to mention you’ll end up wasting time and money to see whether someone is a good fit or not. Also, we all know that long-distance relationships fail in most cases. In other words, it is not worth taking the risk. You can save yourself from all the trouble with Love Shropshire Singles. The same goes for Devon dating. You won’t believe how many people from your area can be found with the help of Love Devon Singles. It’s way easier than trying to meet someone at the coffee shop downtown.

But is online dating such a great solution? It works better than you think if you follow a set of simple rules. Here are the best practical tips you can use right away to get a date in the shortest period possible:

  • Invest a bit of time in making a presentable profile. This means to fill in all the sections of the profile by using genuine information and giving as many details about yourself as you can.


  • Use only high-quality photos for your profile. Resist the temptation to wear sunglasses in the photos or to hide your face because no one will enjoy looking at such a profile.


  • Make use of your sense of humor. Everybody loves a person who is funny and knows how to take a joke.


  • Adopt a positive attitude and mindset, at all times. Life may have been rather disappointing in your case, but you should not let that show in your profile. So never write about your negative past experiences and relationships. We all have a sad story, but displaying it won’t do us much good.


  • Don’t hesitate to break the ice and leave comments on someone else’s profile. If you found an interesting person, be the one that writes first. Of course, do your best to write a proper comment, without using clichés or improper words. You might just get an answer.

Changes To Your Home That Can Increase The Value

If you are a homeowner, you will always be looking to make sure that your home is not depreciating in value and there are a lot of things you can do to help it add more value.  Some of these could be considered quite large projects but others can be simple interior design improvements. We have come up with a few ideas below to help spark some ideas.

Structural Change

If you currently have 3-bedroom house, then making this into a 4-bedroom house is something that would add some value to it.  Doing this, all depends on the current structure of your home and if there is the actual space to do this. A way that people can sometimes do this immediately if they have the ability to do so is to convert a garage if it is connected to their home to another room.  The disadvantage of this is that you then do not have a garage to use, however, most homes do not use their garage to store their motor vehicle but to store objects in. Alternatives can be sought – for example by building a garden shed. Making this change to the home is not a mini-project and something that needs to be thought out correctly and it may even require permission from the authorities.  The benefits in terms of home value though could be quite significant. 


Sounds simple but flooring is far more popular nowadays than carpets.  If you were to purchase some really good oak wood flooring and lay this in different rooms then it could definitely add some value to your home.  Laying oak wood flooring is not something that is particularly difficult to do, and most people could probably attempt to do this on their own.  Online there are many different videos available that give you step by step instructions and when purchasing the flooring you can also buy and all in one toolkit that has everything you need to execute this in totality. 


If your home does not have a driveway but it has a front garden, then using some of this space to get a driveway is definitely something that will add value. Parking in different areas can be quite a luxury and the last thing that people want after working hard all day is to get home and struggle to get a space outside their home to park their car.  Building a driveway is also a bit of a project and if you are not experienced in this then it is best to call in the experts to support. Like the structural changes project, you may need permission to build a driveway, specifically as you will need to normally lower the pavement outside your home. Neighbours have the opportunity to object to this project but would need to have reasonable grounds.  Make sure you get in touch with the authorities in advance and follow the process to legalise this.

Make sure to consider making these changes to your home in 2020.


Benefits of Non-Invasive Procedures in Treating Essential Tremor

If you have a severe case of Essential Tremor then you may have considered a variety of options to alleviate your symptoms. If even medication has done little to help you, you then may turn to your doctor for a medical alternative. The latest procedure is an incisionless one called Neuravive using non-invasive focused ultrasound and your doctor may recommend that you undergo it. Read on to find out more about this treatment.

What is Neuravive?

Neuravive is an incisionless surgical treatment for Essential Tremor, using non-invasive focused ultrasound which has been improving the lives of dozens of patients over the years. It targets the Vim of the thalamus. This is the part of the brain which deals with motor and sensory feelings and it is also where the faulty signals arise that result in uncontrollable shaking.

The patient lies in an MRI scanner to ensure that the doctor has a clear picture of what is going on and then focused ultrasound waves are directed to the target in the thalamus. This causes a lesion which helps to lessen the patient’s tremors.

Why Undergo Neuravive?

If someone is unable to do basic everyday activities like take a drink or eat food because of their hand tremor from essential tremor, they may consider some sort of treatment to take back control of their life.

A patient may be advised to try various treatments such as natural remedies like yoga or mindfulness or may be prescribed medications. These treatments have had a positive effect for many with Essential Tremor but they may also not be right for some people. In these cases, a person may consider undergoing an incisionless surgical solution like Neuravive to realize tremor improvement.

Quick Recovery

One of the biggest benefits of a non-invasive treatment like Neuravive is the quick recovery time. There are no incisions which need to heal. Patients may feel slightly dizzy after treatment, but this often resolves. In fact, the majority of Neuravive treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, so there is no need for a hospital stay. The entire procedure is conducted without anaesthesia and with an awake patient to provide feedback on their tremor improvement. This is extremely impressive, medically speaking, as there are not many treatments which can be handled in such a manner.

The Best Results

The results for focused ultrasound speak for themselves. Many patients report a noticeable improvement in their hand tremor after the treatment. Just one treatment is enough to significantly improve their life and allow them to return to daily activities. Tasks which were difficult before like drinking or writing will now be much easier.

If you think that the prescribed medication or other alternatives are having little effect on your essential tremor, speak to your doctor today. Neuravive might be the remedy you are looking for.

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Make your garden fit for a jungle queen – create your own tropical paradise


With our weather forecasts being so up and down lately – it can be difficult to hold onto that Summer feeling all Summer long! Many of us jump on an airplane in search of sunnier climates and our well-earned break away from it all. But have you ever thought about bringing the holiday to you?

If your garden space is looking a little lacklustre or you want to bring a little of the tropics into your own backyard, then read on for tips on how to create your very own tropical paradise.

What to plant

Your main objective is to recreate a tropical paradise that you can enjoy all year round. Even if the weather looks out of place! To do this, you’re going to need to plant the right flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees. You can make a start with palm trees from The Tree Center. To give your tropical garden a more authentic look, remember that density is key. In a traditional garden, we like to have space around our plants and shrubs; those rules don’t apply here!

Choose plants that will give a variation of heights and depths. That includes towering palms, and ground covering plants. Try to have a good variation of leaf shapes and colours too. Once you have decided on your garden design and what will go where, make sure everything is planted in Springtime so that their roots have chance to set in!


Having a tropical garden is going to take a lot of love and care. So, bare this in mind before you begin. During the winter months, bring in the plants that are sensitive to the lower temperatures and for those that are too large you’ll need to invest in some horticultural fleeces to protect them from the elements.


Lighting is key when it comes to any garden setting. So, your tropical paradise should be no different. Tiki lights are the obvious choice! They’ll look great dotted around the garden or at places of interest like the BBQ or seating area. If flames aren’t your thing, then stick with solar powered lights instead. These twinkling away amongst the shrubbery will give your tropical garden a magical feel.

A soothing soundtrack

No tropical paradise would be complete without some kind of water feature, right? A cascading waterfall might be a little ambitious for your back yard, but a small pond fed with a miniature waterfall would not only look great but will provide the perfect background sound.


If you’re creating a pond or water feature, why not make it a habitat too? Koi fish would be the perfect addition to any tropical garden pond, they’ll give the place a little entertainment too!

A fire pit

The perfect place to sit, chat, relax and top up those drinks after an afternoon of BBQ with friends and family. Make sure you find a place that’s safe and spacious enough to accommodate your fire pit. Place a couple of benches around it and voila!

Organise your home office as beautiful as your home


A home office or work space can be a great multi-functional space for work, paperwork, kids’ homework, providing the space is arranged in a way that encourages clear thinking and efficiency! Home offices have a sneaky way of becoming quite cluttered — a place where you keep the door firmly closed. With the following organising tips, you can have a work space that looks every bit as beautiful as the rest of your home and becomes a place to get your mind flowing!

Free up wall space

Your desk doesn’t need to face a wall. Free up wall space by placing your desk against the window you get to enjoy the view and there’s an extra wall for shelves and box storage.

Bold and colourful filing

A robust filing system is essential. Filing cabinets come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Tight on space? Then consider miniature cabinets they are great for storing corporate stationery, receipts, arts and crafts. Larger, freestanding filing cabinets can be beautiful statement pieces, especially if they’re crafted from solid wood or coloured synthetics.

Unfolding/retractable desks

While many people prefer a separate work desk, an unfolding or retractable desk which is part of a larger cabinet/furniture piece can look fabulous. Adjacent cabinet drawers and storage make for a compact, convenient work space.

Go innovative

Bespoke ways to organise your space offer a surprising, functional and artistic look to your office. A wall stacked box system is an interesting way to store all your office paperwork. By fixing a central metal back plate to the wall, movable boxes with brackets can be stacked on top of each other. Overall, a wall stacked box system is a stunning-looking space saver.

Freestanding shelves

If you enjoy switching the look of your rooms, freestanding bookshelves or bookshelf ladders are ideal. Ladders in solid oak are particularly striking and, obviously, you don’t always have to stack high shelves with books — cascading plants and foliage bring a relaxing, outdoor feel to the inside.

Floating shelves

By fixing floating shelves above your desk, you create vital extra desk space while keeping all essential items within easy reach.

Utilise less obvious spaces

Sometimes less obvious spaces can provide extra but equally elegant storage. The back of a door is a great place to hang a curtain of pockets for housing lighter items. Under shelves can be fitted with magnetic strips to hold jars (of paperclips, pins and staples).

Magnetic and cork boards

In order to store those important reminders and items of inspiration, and to save desk space, opt for large magnetic or cork boards. Magnetic holders can also be attached to boards which can house all your pens, keys, receipts, etc.

There are some quick and easy ways to rejuvenate your home office. You never know, the way you organise might help you become more creative and clever in your work too!

Adding Personality To A Blank Canvas Home


Getting your first home is a massive deal. And for a lot of us, practical considerations have to come before ideal features when getting on to the property ladder. More and more of us are getting our start in life in a new-build – and that brings many benefits, from less maintenance to strong financing deals. There’s only one consideration – and that’s that a lot of new build flats and houses can be a bit featureless. Built en masse and with designs shaped more by accountants and architects, most new built homes are lacking in the depth and personality enjoyed by older buildings. The good news is, there are plenty of ways that you can inject a little bit of life back into these blank canvas homes…

Know Your Style

First off, take the time to understand what your taste is when it comes to interiors. Don’t just rely on decorating magazines to tell you what the latest trends are, and dictate what you should want. Be proactive in seeking out your personal taste. Use an app like Polyvore to create interior mood boards, featuring pictures that inspire you, colours and textures you like, and images of furniture styles. You don’t have to rush into a decision – take your time to get to know the space and understand how you use it before committing to one scheme. Although you can style each room slightly differently, try to stick to tones within the same colour palette. This will tie the spaces together and give a sense of harmony to your home. And rather than impulse buying items for the home, always refer back to your mood board before making a purchase to create a cohesive look where everything sits together well.

Liven It Up

Even if your background colours are neutrals, you can liven up the scheme by layering in colour and pattern. Check out Graham and Brown for some beautiful, bold designs that manage to be both timeless and very contemporary at the same time. Adding just a little touch is really enough, and means that it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Patterned throws and rugs can also add extra dimension and texture, giving sparkle to a more minimal room.

Select a Statement Piece

Choosing a bold focal point for a room can really add impact. Whether it be a statement cluster light or some interesting furniture, the right choice can completely change a room. Check out Old Charm Furniture for some great pieces. The right chair placed in a corner, a beautiful lamp or just the right side table can do a lot to make your space less generic. You just need a handful of out of the ordinary items that do the heavy-lifting design wise.  

Add In Artwork

What you choose to hang on the walls can do a lot to steer your decorating scheme away from ‘vanilla’. A single large, bold print or a collection of framed images grouped together can be transformative. Link different pictures together with a shared colour scheme or thematic influence. In no time at all, you’ll have a beautiful space!

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Should You Say Yes To The House?


Deciding whether or not to buy a house can be a big decision, especially if it is your first property and you are just getting your foot on the ladder. It’s a huge financial decision and will also affect the whole of your family. After all, you want to buy a house that you can turn into a home easily, and one that you can settle into quickly. You might think that you have found the perfect house – but are you sure it is the right one for you?

Here are a few things you should think about that can help you decide whether you should say yes to a house.

Can You Afford It?

First of all, you need to think about your finances. You will probably need to get a mortgage to finance your home purchase. While it can be quite easy to get one of these specialist property loans, it’s still not a good idea to go for one that is going to be difficult for you to repay. So, it’s best to be sensible about your home choices. Don’t try to buy a home that is bigger than what you need as it could end up being a big drain on your bank balance!

Will There Be Many Renovations?

You also need to ask yourself how much work you are happy to carry out in the new home. If you buy a period property, then there is a good chance that you will need to do more than just decorating. You might have to use a heating and Trane AC repair service to get the home’s heating sorted. It could also be necessary to invest in a new kitchen and bathroom as well if the current ones are very dated. All of this work can add a lot of stress on top of your move, so you need to ask yourself whether it is worth it.

What’s The Area Like?

You should also think about what the immediate neighborhood around the house is like. Before you do commit to buying it, it’s worth checking online to see the average crime rating. Obviously, you don’t want to move your family to a location that is going to be unsafe! There also needs to be plenty of facilities and amenities within easy reach of the house, such as a school, shops, doctors surgery, and public transport links.

It’s A Good Investment

Do you think that the house will continue to rise in value once you come to sell it? It needs to be a good investment of your cash, otherwise you might end up losing some money. Thankfully, there are ways you can increase its value yourself, such as by adding en suites and extending the property where possible. So, when you do view a house, it’s worth thinking about the things you could do to increase its value a little.

Hopefully, this makes the decision of buying a home a little easier for you to think about!

Don’t Let Your Home Get You In A Pickle

Our home is many things to us, and a pickle can definitely be one of them. The more time you spend in your home, the problems it seems to present. But are there ways of avoiding this, or are some of the problems we have just unavoidable? Well, we’re sure that you can admit that it’s a bit of both. Sometimes something happens to our homes, or in our lives that affect our home, and we just think to ourselves, ‘why us!!’. But if so many things are unavoidable, how do you think you’re ever going to get to the point where your home isn’t getting you into a pickle anymore!? Well, there’s a few steps you can take to reduce the problems it does cause, as a lot of the time we will admit it’s down to human error! So, have a read on, have a relaxing festive break, and have a 2019 that is full of far less problems!


The Issues We Cause

We definitely do cause a few issues in our homes, and some of them are due to the fact that life is just so busy and rushed sometimes, that we don’t make the best decisions. One thing you might not have to encounter, but you will curse if you do, is locking yourself out of the house. Simply losing your house key can leave you in such a predicament, especially if you need to desperately get into your home. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then don’t think that it is a mistake you would never make! Companies such as SJO Locksmith are called out to so many people who have done something like this over the years! We also cause more issues by not maintaining our homes properly. For example, if you ceiling that has a large crack in it due to age, but you don’t do anything about it, it could only be a matter of time before that ceiling cracks completely, and then you really would have an issue on your hand!

Trying To Prevent Unavoidable Issues

If you’re going to encounter unavoidable issues in the home, you might as well know how you can try and prevent them. We think that one problem that can’t be avoided, is someone breaking into your home. If someone has picked your home to come into, perhaps to get the keys for the car on your drive, they will come in! To prevent it, never leave anything obvious on show. It’ll only draw people in. Then, try using something like a fake security camera to act as a deterrent. The safer your house, the happier you’re going to feel!

Loving The Home You’re In!

Finally, we think you just need to love the home you’re in. The more you love and care for your home, the less issues you’ll find you’ll have. If you always have new appliances, you keep the decor fresh, and you maintain the house, there aren’t many things that will ever go wrong. When something serious does go wrong, you’ll find you’re very unlucky!